When is the World Smile Day this Year?

World Smile Day (October 7) is a relatively new holiday with an intriguing backstory. It falls on the first Friday of October. This day was created by commercial artist Harvey Ball in reaction to his invention of the happy face. Harvey was concerned that the symbol’s significance would be diminished by its commercialization. He probably had a high opinion of the sign because it has been used on so many different things, such clothing, comic books, coffee cups, pins, and more. These tiny yellow faces make a statement about the power of smiling rather than just serving as a sign.

When is the World Smile Day this Year?

History of Smile Day

The smiley face icon that we are all familiar with was designed in 1963 by Worcester, Massachusetts-based graphic artist and advertising executive Harvey Ball. This symbol’s acceptance into popular culture has skyrocketed. Every artist hopes that their product will be valued and replicated, and few symbols have left as lasting an impression as Harvey’s. The happy face has evolved into one of the most recognizable icons in history. It has been used as a motif in the graphic novel “Watchmen” and in films like “Forest Gump.” We bet you can visualize a happy face merely by hearing the phrase because it is so well-known. That instantly identifiable yellow circle with black dots for eyes and a straight line for a pure and sincere smile. The smile on the original smiley face was more rectangular and took up more of the face than it does in contemporary recreations. It also had a little more hand-drawn appearance. He realized something needed to be done when it started to stray from its original goal of spreading kindness and cheer as a result of its excessive use. To reclaim control, World Smile Day was declared a federal holiday in 1999. Simple but powerful celebration elements included encouraging people to smile and perform modest deeds of goodwill all throughout the world. Harvey wished to preserve the human element of the smile. You would grin as a result, making someone else smile and brightening their day in return.

How to be Happy and Positive All the Time?

How to celebrate Smile Day?

  • Be kind to others. Many organizations could use extra volunteers who are willing to lend a hand. The world is a better place when environmental stewardship, elder care, and veteran assistance are all practiced. Outside-of-your-normal-life humanitarian work can have enlightening consequences on you and your neighborhood.
  • Embrace Your Dreams. It might be challenging to find time for yourself when you have a job and other commitments. Everybody has aspirations and goals that they’ve neglected. Take advantage of today to indulge in whatever you want. Bring your guitar out of the closet, grab a paintbrush—do whatever that makes you feel good and makes you grin again.
  • Random Acts of Kindness: Everything need not to be preplanned. The best approach to celebrate is to remain cheerful throughout the day. You’ll keep it in mind to look for opportunities to make someone’s day better. Praise someone’s attire and acknowledge your colleagues’ work ethic. Follow your intuition in every manner you can to favorably affect someone. You wouldn’t believe how much someone may value a simple acknowledgement.

Facts about smiling

  • Being happy is biological. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that are produced when you smile and they make you feel happy.
  • What is the color of happiness? Why yellow? Yellow is used to represent happiness as the color of the happy face.
  • Smiling can lower your blood pressure.
  • The annual value of the Smiley Company office in London, England, exceeds $55 million.
  • For use as internet emoticons, 470 different smiley variations were developed in 1999.
  • A smile is contagious. Just like sneezing, smiling in front of someone can make them smile.
  • Wonderful children’s causes are supported by the non-profit World Smile Foundation.

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Importance of Smile Day

In our online chats, we often utilize smile emojis rather than our actual faces to grin. It’s important to keep in mind the positive effects that genuine smiles have on our own emotional health. This day illuminates the dark. Finding your own grin might be challenging when everything around you appears chaotic. Even while it can often seem absurd to find joy, science has shown that doing so can help you feel less tense, irritated, and depressed. People frequently ignore how much our productivity is impacted by our mental health. It might give you the boost you need to get through the day when you’re in the right frame of mind. Additionally, it can assist in uplifting the spirits of those close to you.

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When is the Smile Day?

2021October 1Friday
2022October 7Friday
2023October 6Friday
2024October 4Friday
2025October 3Friday

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