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Here are the 5 surprising Windows 11 features

On Thursday, it was Microsoft’s moment to bring spotlight with its own major OS unveiling. We all knew Windows 11 was coming owing to leaks, but when users saw their first peek of Microsoft’s next-generation operating system earlier this week, they weren’t overly enthusiastic. To summarize, Windows 11 does not need to be exciting to be successful. That’s great news for Microsoft, as most of the talk on social media suggests that Windows 11 is a somewhat uninteresting release. We don’t agree with that assessment; there are certainly some Windows 11 features worth-appreciating.

Here are the 5 surprising Windows 11 features

1. New design and Start Menu

Because most of a Windows user’s time is spent in apps, the new Start Menu is among the most impressionable Window 11 features. And the first thing you’ll realize is that the Live Tiles have vanished, along with the last remnant of Windows 8.

The new Start Menu in Windows 11 resembles the launcher of a smartphone OS, with an additional space for recent documents. Apps are at the top of the page, with recent documents and a unique search bar below.

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2. Performance and Optimizations

Thanks to a slew of optimizations and a slew of new Windows 11 features, Microsoft projected some big performance gains with Windows 11. DirectStorage, which is already available on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, is one of the new technologies that will assist boost performance. To take advantage of this feature, you’ll need one of the latest NVMe drives, but it should result in a significant drop in load times on Windows 11.

3. Android Apps on Windows 11

That’s correct, Android apps will operate on your Windows 11 pc! This is a tremendous win for Windows, especially considering that Android app support is one of Chrome OS’s biggest selling points. Microsoft collaborated with Amazon to make this new feature possible, and Intel Bridge technology will enable Android app integration in Windows 11.

4. New Microsoft Store

Microsoft has revealed a brand new Microsoft Store for Windows 11 apps, and you’ll be surprised to learn that it won’t take a part of any sales made through it.

5. Windows 11 is Free!

This is arguably the most intriguing aspect of Microsoft’s major Windows 11 update: It’s completely free!

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