How to Appreciate your Spouse on Wife Appreciation Day?

On September 18, National Wife Appreciation Day or National Wife Day, those of us (men, women, transgender, fluid, etc.) who are fortunate enough to have spouses have an additional opportunity to express how much they mean to us. Our wives help to keep us steady and grounded. They encourage us to put in hard effort, have fun, and always have something to contribute that demonstrates our progress. Wives ask us to empty the dishwasher, change the oil, and take out the garbage (stereotypical but real), which is fine with us because those tasks need to be completed anyhow, and we like the concept of giving our ladies an extra fifteen or thirty minutes to relax in their own space. Check out the 50 date ideas to plan a lovely date with your wife to celebrate this day.

How to Appreciate your Love on Wife Appreciation Day?

Wife Appreciation Day

When is Wife Appreciation Day?

On September 20, Wife Appreciation Day, it’s time to reward the wife.

History of Wife Appreciation Day

Despite the paucity of historical documentation on this event, 2006 is recognized as the year National Wife Appreciation Day originally “went on the books.” In other words, it isn’t yet recognized as a federal holiday in the United States, but in 2006, it started to be widely recognized and enjoyed by couples all over the world. What particularly about 2006 served as the “spark that sparked the fire” is unknown. But that was also the year that Paul McCartney, a former Beatle, filed for divorce from Heather Mills. This may be significant because it happened just three days after Mother’s Day in the spring of that year. Only 72 hours after whatever blow-up occurred, could the songwriter have so terribly failed to live up to his wife’s expectations as a mother? If so, could McCartney have helped construct a second chance that same fall by putting the right eyes on the appropriate suggestions for a Wife Appreciation Day using his juggernaut-like influence in popular culture?

Even still, since the couple’s divorce was officially confirmed in 2008, the holiday has paradoxically turned out to be a gift for everyone else except for McCartney and Mills. We take it all as a lesson to never pass up the chance to show your wife, your one and only, how much you care—to your entire family, yes, but especially on National Wife Appreciation Day.

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Traditions of the day

Your wife is your rock, your biggest supporter, and your confidante and today’s day to show her that on Wife Appreciation Day. We all agree that there should be an occasion to respect and congratulate one another every day, but this doesn’t happen very often. Today’s holiday serves as a reminder to express our love and appreciation to our family and friends. Today, wives receive the royal treatment; their tasks are done, they are free to purchase whatever they want, and a sumptuous meal is usually ready for them by the end of the day. In addition to concrete actions, it’s critical to offer your wife emotional support and availability. Wife Appreciation Day opens the door for sincere discussions that may be good for your relationship in the long run.

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How to appreciate your wife?

  • Arrange a spa day: Rare is the wife who doesn’t occasionally enjoy being pampered. In order to show her some much-needed appreciation, plan a spa day for her on or around National Wife Appreciation Day.
  • Plan her favorite activity with her. She will be so delighted with something so easy. Is there a habit she has where she asks you to join in but you always decline? The day you decide to change your mind may be Wife Appreciation Day! Does she nag you to watch her preferred reality show all the time? Or does she enjoy visiting vineyards? She’ll be overjoyed that you’ve finally agreed to do the thing you always decline, no matter how large or tiny.
  • The “socials” make it simple to spread information, so don’t forget to tweet or post on Facebook to let everyone know how much you love your wife. Also make use of the hashtag #WifeAppreciationDay!
  • Prepare her favorite dish. Make a special night at home if going out is not an option due to your hectic schedule or if you have children. Wife Appreciation Day doesn’t require a night out on the town to be appropriately observed. Cook her favorite dish at home or place a takeout delivery. If you don’t know cooking, find out how to cook food and make ready for her. Pick up her preferred bottle of wine or attempt to make her preferred drink. To make your own date night at home, turn on some sultry music, light some candles, and turn off your phones.
  • Complete every task. Yes, both partners contribute significantly to household tasks. Today, though, you have more options for your wife. Consider giving her a day off during which she is not required to perform any labor-intensive tasks. Take the bait. You’ll win her heart for it.
  • Not only these, you can also go with other ways on how to make wife happy and try to implement them.

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Wives’ tales

  • Nowadays, there are fewer wives. In the US, the marriage rate has drastically decreased. In the past, 72% of Americans were married. That percentage has now dropped to 50%.
  • Two are preferable to one. In the United States, there are reportedly 252,000 same-sex married couples. And there is growing acceptance for gay marriage.
  • A royal wedding is a popular event. Perhaps the companions of King Solomon. The Bible claims that he wed 700 wives.
  • “Don’t refer to me as small lady!” Abraham Lincoln, America’s 16th president, was 6 feet 4 inches tall. His spouse Mary? She was only 5-foot-2 tall.

Why we appreciate Wife Appreciation Day?

We love them. We marvel at our ladies. We realize that life can be turbulent, but they are our oasis in the midst of the storm. Let us just say that we are quite grateful that they care so much about us because when we think about it, we become a little wistful. No one gives wives enough credit. Many of the incredible things that our women accomplish on a daily basis go unnoticed. That’s partially because women are frequently expected to complete things without mentioning the potential amount of effort involved. We are here to express our gratitude for those things and to do so in a public way.  It’s a special kind of day off. National Wife Appreciation Day can be a lovely surprise if we let our spouses know that Sunday morning that they don’t have to do anything at all day.

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Wife Appreciation Day Dates

2021September 19Sunday
2022September 18Sunday
2023September 17Sunday
2024September 15Sunday
2025September 21Sunday

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