What’s New on Netflix | Netflix New Releases: July 12th, 2022

Welcome to the Netflix new releases. We have six new titles to cover in this first daily roundup of what’s new on Netflix. 

Valley of the Dead (2020)

Valley of the Dead (2020)
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Cast: Miki Esparbé, Aura Garrido, Luis Callejo

If you’re in the mood for zombies, check out this brand-new Spanish-language movie, one of the Netflix new releases, that was purchased from Sony Pictures. The film, often referred to as Malnazidos, is set during the Spanish Civil War and follows a small group of alleged sworn foes who are forced to cooperate when they come across flesh-eating zombies produced as a result of a Nazi experiment.

All American: Homecoming (S1)

All American Homecoming (S1) Netflix new releases
  • Genre: Drama, Sport
  • Cast: Geffri Maya, Peyton Alex Smith, Kelly Jenrette, Cory Hardrict, Sylvester Powell, Camille

The spin-off to the main All American series, All American: Homecoming, debuted tonight on Netflix in a truly odd and unexpected movie. It’s the first movie to be released on Netflix since The CW’s output agreement with the service expired several years ago. Given how well-liked All American is on Netflix, it makes obvious that the streaming service would want the spin-off as well. However, why didn’t HBO Max want it? Only time will tell.

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Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks (2022)

Bill Burr Live at Red Rocks (2022) Netflix new releases
  • Genre: Comedy, Stand-up
  • Cast: Bill Burr

Bill Burr is back today for a record-breaking fifth stand-up special, if you can believe it. In this special, Burr performs an angry stand-up routine where he rails against cancel culture, feminism, getting terrible reviews from his wife, and a life-changing epiphany. This is what’s new on Netflix right now and is worth a watch.

New Movies and Shows on Netflix

Spotlighting the new titles on Netflix, here are 4 new movies and 2 new TV series added to Netflix today. Let’s shed some light on them:

4 New Movies on Netflix

  • For Jojo (2022) Netflix Original
  • Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks (2022)
  • Valley of the Dead (2020) Netflix Original
  • My Daughter’s Killer (2022) Netflix Original

2 New TV Series on Netflix

  • How to Change Your Mind (Limited Series) Netflix Original
  • All American: Homecoming (Season 1)

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