What’s New on Disney+ | Deadpool, Deadpool 2

It’s time to look at what’s new on Disney+ in the US today. There are three Rated R Marvel films as well as two sing-along versions of two beloved Disney animated films! Let’s dive into the Disney Plus new releases.


Deadpool Disney Plus

Wade Wilson, a mercenary, is the subject of experiments by the sick scientist Ajax to cure him of cancer and grant him magical healing abilities. Wade, who is scarred as a result of the experiment, decides to get vengeance.

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 Disney Plus

Wade Wilson (AKA Deadpool), a foul-mouthed mutant mercenary, assembles a group of other mutant outlaws to defend a young kid with superhuman talents from the vicious, time-traveling cyborg, Cable.


Logan Disney Plus

A worn-out Logan tends to an ill Professor X at a hideout on the Mexican border in the near future. But when a young mutant shows up, she is being hunted by evil powers, and Logan’s attempts to flee the world and his heritage are thwarted.

Moana Sing-along

Moana Sing-along

After the fish and vegetation on her island begin to perish owing to a blight, Moana, the daughter of chief Tui, sets out on a quest to retrieve the goddess Te Fitti’s heart from Maui, a demigod.

The Little Mermaid Sing-along

The Little Mermaid Sing-along

The sea witch Ursula strikes a cunning agreement with Princess Ariel that enables her to meet Eric, the human prince she adores. Ariel gets into problems without realising what she is really trying to do.

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Cannibal Sharks

Cannibal Sharks

Featuring two of the top shark scientists in the world to dissect and evaluate the growing body of information suggesting that shark-on-shark attacks occur more frequently than we previously thought. The title is among the Disney+ new releases.

Sharks vs. Dolphins: Blood Battle

Sharks vs. Dolphins Blood Battle

Although sharks and dolphins have coexisted in the ocean for thousands of years, scientists have only just begun to fully comprehend their interactions. We can now view this extraordinary drama because to new research, which challenges everything we previously believed to be true about sharks. Although they are portrayed in stereotypes as loners and serial killers of the water, we have seen them hunt in packs, learn, and even teach other sharks. The title is what’s new on Disney+.

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