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What’s new on Disney+: Disney has launched a brand-new National Geographic documentary series, “America The Beautiful,” on Disney+ in all English-speaking regions in honor of the Fourth of July. On September 28, 2022, the show will be released in all other countries.

What’s New on Disney+ America The Beautiful

The breathtaking tale of our country and its incredible creatures is told in “America the Beautiful,” which Michael B. Jordan narrates. It was produced by the acclaimed team behind “Planet Earth,” “Frozen Planet,” and the “Disneynature” movies. The most intense and diversified continent on Earth is North America. The only location where you can find every type of terrain, including anything from a sweltering desert to an Arctic ice cap.

We go through some of America’s most beautiful regions, including the barren West, the sweltering South, the mountainous Northwest, and the unending Heartland. There is a hero who can make any community feel like home. The creatures of North America have what it takes to survive the conditions, regardless of how wise, hardy, brave, or anything else they may be.

From grizzlies to bald eagles, mountain lions to honeypot ants, each episode of “America The Beautiful”, one of the best Disney+ new releases, features clever and valiant animal heroes of all sizes whose hilarious and astounding exploits are brought to life with character-driven narrative. A new generation of remote cameras and gyro-stabilized cameras were employed to record elusive and previously unseen animal behaviours on the ground. The Chippewa Cree of Rocky Boy Reservation in Montana helped with the filming of the bison reintroduction in the last episode, which honoured the human conservation heroes of America. The Gwich’in people of Alaska helped with the filming of the fight to defend the arctic refuge from oil exploitation.

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The six-part series has an uplifting music that not only inspires pride but also highlights America’s diversity. Joseph Trapanese was the composer of the music. Joe Rainey Sr., a performer at Ojibwe powwows, Native American drummer and singer Dylan Jennings (Bizhikiins-Young Buffalo), Italian Korean American violinist Lucia Micarelli, Black American bluesman Leonard “Lowdown” Brown, Los Angeles-based Tonality, led by Black American conductor Alexander Blake, and others are among the artists featured in the series’ musical offerings. S. Carey, Bon Iver’s drummer and backing vocalist, collaborated with Trapanese to co-write and produce the album’s theme song. Hope, this piece of construct unfolding what’s new on Disney+ would interest you.

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