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It’s Friday, which means it’s time to see what’s new on Disney+ in the United States today, including some new EPSN stuff. Let’s dive into the Disney+ new releases.

Kings Ransom

Kings Random what's new on Disney+

With a single stroke of a pen on Aug. 9, 1988, the NHL was forever transformed. The Edmonton Oilers, fresh off their fourth Stanley Cup victory in five years, agreed to a multimillion-dollar trade that sent Wayne Gretzky, a Canadian national icon and the best hockey player ever, to the Los Angeles Kings.

While shocked Oilers fans tried to make sense of the impossible, fans in Los Angeles were racing to buy season tickets at such a rate that the Kings’ box office was overwhelmed. In less than a decade, a franchise that had been virtually unnoticed during its 21-year history was now playing to sellout audiences and standing ovations, while a league that had been demoted to “little brother” status surged from 21 to 30 teams. The gripping story of the trade that knocked the wind out of an entire country and landed a star-studded city right at the humble feet of a 27-year-old lad known simply as “The Great One” is told by acclaimed director Peter Berg.

What’s New on Disney+ | Love Victor (US)

Big Shot

What's New on Disney+ Big Shot what's new on Disney+

The next title we have in our what’s new on Disney+ rundown is Big Shot. The once-dominant New York Islanders were in big danger in 1996. The hockey team’s dedicated fan base was being driven away by poor performance and management. The team has reached rock bottom. Then along came John Spano, a Dallas billionaire who jumped in and agreed to buy the franchise for a cool 165 million dollars. The Islanders’ fortunes began to improve dramatically. But it was all a trick of the light. “Big Shot” delves into the depths of the Islanders’ unprecedented scandal. This video is an extraordinary narrative of a dream that became a falsehood — and how a scam of such enormous proportions went undiscovered at first. It includes the only interview Spano has ever given about the Islanders deal.

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