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Welcome to our rundown of what’s coming to Disney Plus this week in the US, including the return of a well-liked Disney+ Original series. The point to be noted here is that this list of Disney+ new releases which are going to be unveiled on Wednesday dated July 27th 2022 is subject to change. Let’s dive into what’s coming to Disney+.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (S3 – Episode 1)

High School Musical The Musical The Series Disney Plus

In season three of “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” the Wildcats and their fellow campers are getting ready for an incredible summer filled with romance, curfew-free nights, and a taste of the great outdoors at Camp Shallow Lake, a sleepaway camp in California. The Wildcats will try to demonstrate who is “best in snow” without leaving anyone out in the cold with a high-stakes production of “Frozen” on the horizon AND a drama-filled “docu-series” of the production in the works. This is what’s coming to Disney Plus for those who always track new titles.

Raven’s Home (S5, 6 episodes)

Raven’s Home what’s coming to Disney Plus

The popular comedy “Raven’s Home,” a spinoff of the venerable Disney Channel series “That’s So Raven” (2003–2007), follows the humorous exploits of Raven Baxter, who can be considered to be somewhat psychic, and her son Booker, who has inherited his mother’s ability to see into the future. After her father suffers a minor heart attack, Raven and Booker return to San Francisco in season five to assist with his care. Raven is currently caring for her parents, bringing up her young cousin, and adjusting to life in her former hometown. In the meantime, Booker must keep his visions a secret from a new group of classmates because he is “the new kid” at Raven’s old high school.

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Big City Greens (S3, 4 episodes)

Big City Greens what’s coming to Disney Plus

The animated comedy-adventure series “Big City Greens” chronicles the eccentric exploits of 10-year-old Cricket Green, a cheeky and upbeat farm boy who relocates to the big city with his crazily eccentric family, including elder sister Tilly, father Bill, and Gramma Alice. Cricket and his family go on amazing adventures and win the hearts of his new neighbours thanks to his insatiable curiosity and excitement.

Minnie’s Bow-Toons: Party Palace Pals (S2, 9 episodes)

Minnie’s Bow-Toons Party Palace Pals what’s coming to Disney Plus

Running a party planning company called the Polka Dot Party Palace is Minnie and Daisy Duck’s newest endeavour. The title hold very conspicuous place in Disney Plus release schedule.

The Villains of Valley View (S1, 5 episodes)

The Villains of Valley View Disney Plus

Family members of young supervillain Havoc are forced to assume new identities and move to a tranquil Texas suburb after she challenges the League of Villains’ leader.

Light & Magic

Light & Magic

With unrivaled access, Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker Lawrence Kasdan takes audiences on a visit of Industrial Light & Magic, the Lucasfilm subsidiary that handles special effects, animation, and virtual production. Discover the sources of inspiration for some of the most renowned Hollywood filmmakers, and follow their tales from their earliest independent productions to realising George Lucas’ vision.

The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay

The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay

A group of pals are interning this summer at a research facility that is looking into manmade changes to the surrounding reef. The buddies start to experience weird incidents, and they start to wonder if the difficulties with the reef are related to a local myth. The title is what’s coming to Disney Plus and is worth a watch.

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