What would Happen without Gravity: How Important is Gravity?

If you wake up one day and find out that gravity is gone, what would be your reaction? You would think that now you can fly in the air like an astronaut. You can fly to any country and any city you want to go to. But the reality is not at all attractive. Let us know what would happen without gravity to our planet, and to us humans, and what changes will take place on Earth if gravity disappears. Let’s dive into the question “how important is gravity?”

What is Gravity?

What is Gravity

First we need to know what gravity is. It is very common that when we bounce something up, it comes back down. If we jump up, we fall down too. Why is it like this? Our earth is not flat but round, so why don’t all the objects on the earth fall into space?

The reason for all this is actually the gravity of our planet Earth. Which draws everything towards its center. Anything that has mass also has gravity. According to Newton, the larger the mass, the greater its gravity. The gravity of our earth is also due to its mass. That is why it pulls all the objects found on it towards its center.

The weight of these bodies is determined by the Earth’s pull. Take an example: if you walk on a planet whose mass is less than that of our planet Earth, then your weight on that planet will also decrease and you will become lighter. According to NASA, if you are a hundred pounds on Earth, you are only seventeen pounds on moon. On Mars and Mercury, you will weigh only thirty-eight pounds. Because the Sun is much larger than the earth, its gravity is also greater than the Earth. That is why the sun keeps all the planets of the solar system in a circle around it. The farther a planet is from the Sun, the less the gravity of the Sun affects that planet.

It is stimulating to note that black holes have a very large mass, so their gravity is also very high. So much high that black holes can pull even light (which travels with fastest speed) towards themselves. And man is a far cry, even if the light goes into a black hole once, it can never come back.

Applications of the Newton’s Law of Gravitation

What would happen without Gravity?

What would happen without Gravity

If the gravity of the sun disappears, all the planets will deviate from their respective paths and will be destroyed by other objects in space or by colliding with each other. And if gravity disappears on our planet Earth, everything on Earth will be weightless – life without gravity. Nothing will stay in place.  Due to the gravitational pull of the earth, the moon revolves around the earth in its orbit. But after the gravity is gone, the moon will also come out of its orbit and hit the earth.

How important is Gravity?

Once gravity is gone, you will not, contrary to your expectations, start flying in the air, but will start spinning in the air like a tumbleweed. Not only you but buildings, cars, houses, trees will all start moving in a circle in the air, because the earth will still be revolving around its orbit at a speed of one thousand miles per hour. So you and other things will be spinning. It is also possible for all objects and humans to be scattered in space.

Can you Imagine the Coldest Place in Solar System?

What would the world be like without gravity?

What would the world be like without gravity

Dealing with the question, “how important is gravity?” lead us to dive into another worth-pondering point. Earth’s system will be destroyed as gravity disappears. Imagine for a second that the entire mountain is separated from ground and scattered in the air. Because gravity is not, so the mountains will not be jammed on the ground. All the gases in the atmosphere will be blown into space. It will be impossible for living beings to breathe because of lack of oxygen. The oxygen in the oxygen tanks will also start to disappear. As the gases in the atmosphere run out, sunlight will begin to fall directly on the ground.

Earth’s temperature will rise to dangerous levels. The water of rivers and seas will also evaporate into space. Until then, it is impossible for any living thing to survive. If there would still be a human alive, his eardrums may have ruptured due to changes in pressure.

Can gravity disappear from the Earth?

All these events must have happened within just five seconds of the end of gravity. The good news is that according to scientists, the disappearance of Earth’s gravity is not possible. Because if a body exists, it must have some mass. And the body that has mass must also have gravity. Therefore, as there is gravity in everything, similarly, human beings also have gravity, although it is very rare.

It seems impossible to say that Earth’s gravity will disappear. However, there is a good chance that the Earth’s gravity will decrease. As we move away from the earth, the effect of gravity diminishes. That’s why the effect of gravity in space is almost zero.

Life without Gravity

life without gravitational force

You may be wondering if it is impossible for humans to survive without gravity on the Earth, so how do astronauts live in space? One reason is that astronauts who go into space are prepared in advance. They have a special kind of space suit which protects them from the effects of various changes. Oxygen tanks or oxygen in the water are used for breathing. But still these astronauts face some difficulties. For example, according to experts, astronauts lose the sense of movement in space. They feel as if their arms and legs are separated from the body. Being weightless weakens their muscles. Changes in air pressure also affect their eyes. Sometimes astronauts find it difficult to move their limbs back to Earth. Of course, now you understand the importance of gravity; without it you can’t even stand on your own. To live the way we’re living we, undoubtedly, need gravity and we must acknowledge what would happen without gravity.

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