We have been expecting a new Nintendo Direct for a long time and anticipation is running strong. Nintendo has not given us a ton of information about her fall plans yet, but we are getting a Nintendo Direct this morning that promises at least some information, if not necessarily what you’re searching for:


Thus, at 10:00 AM Eastern tune in to see what is on display.

“Breath of the Wild 2” of course started to pop up on social media, so enough with that crap. Here’s the most important point: we will not get a new Zelda, or Metroid, or anything like that. It is a “mini-direct” based on Nintendo’s partners so do not go in search of heavy hitters from the first party or big exclusive fall launches. Will a surprise come in at the end? I would be reluctant to scrap the possibility out of hand. It does not seem very likely though.

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Considering that the emphasis here is on friends, there is a pretty gigantic spectrum of what we might see, so speculating does not do much. Nonetheless, if we look at the wide variety of possible third-party titles, the one I am going to pick up my expectations is Hollow Knight: Silksong, which may just be my most awaited title right now in the industry. That’d be great, then! But I am not really betting on it.

We presume that COVID-19 threw a significant wrench in Nintendo’s plans to both declare and develop games, since the pandemic that has re-written life in recent months has essentially left no workflow in the entire world untouched. Probably soon things will be back on track to a degree at least, and we will soon hear more about Nintendo’s fall updates. Check back for more detail on those third-party games at 10:00 AM Eastern.

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