What is Distance Learning and Online Learning?

Teaching and instilling knowledge of distinct spheres of life dates back to ancient times where the process of teaching-learning used to proceed under the trees or sitting on the stones. As time moved on, the man of flesh and blood to put himself and other ones at ease revolutionized the distinct fields, modes, sources and implementation of teaching-learning. Here, in this piece of writing, you will become insightful regarding the phrases, ‘what is distance learning?’ and ‘what is online learning?’ The two phrases, undoubtedly, are oftentimes used synonymously but there is a considerable different between them.

how distance learning works

Distance Learning

This mode of learning, as its name suggests, is about the distance between the teacher and student and this distance is bridged up by the technology. In this day and age, numerous educational institutions – particularly universities – are offering distance learning degrees where students attend lectures to get education using the internet services. It means a student in Australia could attend a European university, without having to move. If you live in a rural areas, distance learning makes attending higher education much stress-free.

Online Learning

This form of learning is designed for the creation of an online communication between the student and teacher. In order to complement the learning that is usually done in the classroom setting, numerous schools are now using online learning/e-learning. For instance, quizzes can be taken with the rest of the fellows or homework may be posted online. Both school-aged and adult can benefit from this new way of learning. “We use eLearning in order to connect with our students. They can connect with us online, and we can work with them to improve their writing skills” said James Anderson.

What is Distance Learning and Online Learning


How Does Learning Work Online?

Understanding the phrases, ‘what is distance learning?’ and ‘what is online learning?’, you will get mindful of the notion that both ways of learning are capable of assisting pupils to get more out of learning, despite of the matter wherever they are. Remember that both methods have a slight distinction and overlap each other. Besides children, adult learners can take benefit from e-learning as well. It goes well with the people with busy schedules and can be call up anywhere and anytime. On the other hand, distance learning is designed to accessible despite of the fact where you are. Issues like accessibility obstacles are covered by this method; thus learners can attend fundamental classes. This can be done via chat programs or webcams.

Benefits of Distance Learning

After being insightful of the phrase, ‘what is distance learning?’ you start having ideas how beneficial is this method for you and your near and dear ones. Let’s shed some light on the advantages of distance learning.

Relief from Physical Presence

In this context, you would, for sure, be witnessing the phrase, ‘Best quality education at your door-step’, that is, you can attend classes no matter wherever you are. This method is fruitful for those ones who need to stay at home, such as parents or others who have to take care of family members. For the purpose of concentrating on what you are learning, it takes the pressure off you to move to the place of learning.

Cheaper Education

If you are inclined to save the money spent on your education, distance learning will be a good choice to opt for. You save a lot of cash because of the reason that you do not need to get away to different city or country. In addition to this, you can also save your money in terms of the courses themselves since they carry cheaper fee to be paid.

Exception from Classroom Setting

Some individuals find it difficult to sit in conventional classroom setting. This could be because of a disability or the learners never enjoy conventional method of learning.

benefits of online learning

Benefits of Online Learning

We could digest the benefits online learning offers if the phrase, ‘what is distance learning?’ gets it place into our mind. There are various advantages of online learning that could be suitable for people unable to move out from their homes. Let’s draw some light on benefits this method offers.

More Interactive

Online learning makes the process of learning more interactive and appealing since the learners’ input is needed and it assists them to preserve information in a better way.

Convenience for Adults

Research studies propose that learning becomes much easier for the adult who opt for e-learning system. Many adults join distinct online sources to optimize their grammar and communication skills during their spare time span.

According to One’s Pace

The pupils benefit from the offer to learn maintaining the pace of their own. Whenever they need they can access online learning material, that is, there is no fear of falling behind or being ahead of the rest of their classmates.

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