Here’s Why Humans have Certain Weird Body Parts

The human body is quite incredible. It’s made up of hundreds of parts, each of which serves a critical function. However, other weird body parts may have no apparent significance; for example, why do men have nipples? There’s virtually always an explanation for these strange human anatomy features.

This list contains a variety of weirdest body parts as well as the rationale for their existence. Some of strange human body parts have a variety of theories about their function, while others have been known for years. Without further ado, let’s dive into the strange but true facts about humans.

Male’s Nipples

Male’s Nipples weird body parts

In the womb, everyone begins as a woman. Until testosterone modifies the path of action for individuals with a Y chromosome, all embryos follow the same genetic activity for 60 days. The only non-functional product of those first two months is men’s nipples. Not everyone likes it: Over 84 percent of 750 adult women in a recent Huffington Post Japan study said it was inappropriate for men’s nipples to show under shirts. This mentality could explain the rising commerce in “shields” that hide genetic remnants in the country. 

Armpit hair

Armpit hair

Armpit hair is one of those discomforts that seems to have no use, yet there is one explanation as to why we have it: it helps us attract mates by diffusing the smell in our sweat. According to numerous studies, we are drawn to the body odor of persons who have immune systems that differ from ours. Armpit hair is a technique for us to advertise our odor. According to Proctor & Gamble data, even 29% of American men and 49% of British men cut or groom below the neck to remove any similarity to Neanderthals.


Eyebrows weird body parts

Although brows are useful for expressing yourself, their primary function is to keep sweat and debris out of your eyes. In face recognition, the brows are also important. In an MIT study, volunteers were asked to identify photographs of 50 renowned faces with their eyes digitally removed, and they were able to do so 60% of the time. When the faces were devoid of brows, nevertheless, participants were only able to identify them 46% of the time. In other words, brows play a critical role in facial recognition.

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Eyelashes weird body parts

Eyelashes, one of the strange but true facts about humans, help to keep dirt and debris out of your eyes. They also keep your eyes moist by signaling that your eyes should be closed, such as when it’s windy. Eyelashes is undoubtedly is among the weird body parts human got.

Nose Hair

Nose Hair weird body parts

Is there any other purpose for nose hair than to make graceful aging more difficult than it needs to be? Yes, in a way. Nasal hair, one of the weirdest body parts, acts as a natural air filter, filtering out the harmful particles in the air we breathe. Bacteria, dirt, and viruses, among other pests, are trapped until we breathe or sneeze them out. Trim, not pluck, if you want to get rid of them.

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Tonsils weird body parts

Suffering from a sore throat, you’ve probably observed the spongy, almond-shaped tissue near the back of the mouth looking slightly swollen, red, or covered in white spots. Tonsils, which are part of the lymphatic system, protect the body from infections that enter through the mouth and nose. However, when overburdened with bacteria or viruses, they might become sick. Tonsils, one of the strange body parts, can be removed if they lead to chronic illness or respiratory problems because they’re simply one part of the body’s formidable defenses. 



Although numerous hypotheses exist about the uvula’s function, most scientists believe that it aids speech. The uvula has the ability to create large volumes of saliva quickly, which is required to articulate all of the complex sounds of human speech. See why people need to pay more attention to this body area if they want to be safe. Considering the aforementioned notes, this part is among the weirdest body parts.



The distinction between primates and other mammals can be seen in their fingernails. Claws are found in all mammals; our nails are just a flattened form of them. Whereas our forefathers used their fingernails to capture fruit and trees, we now utilize them to snare little items such as coins or paper. Fingernails, one of the weird body parts, can also be used as a health indicator: discoloration or small pits might indicate problems such as malnutrition or certain skin disorders.



The appendix, one of the weird body parts, is a small dead-end tube that connects the large intestine to the stomach. Previously, scientists believed it was a useless organ that may have been important for our forefathers but has since become obsolete. According to a 2015 study, the appendix may retain healthy bacteria in case our gut microbiota becomes out of balance.

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