Upcoming Netflix Halloween Movies 2022 | Netflix New Releases

It’s time to look at some of the Netflix upcoming releases around Halloween in 2022. The list will unfold the best Netflix Halloween movies and new horror series you mustn’t miss on Halloween 2022.

The Midnight Club

  • Release Date: October 7th

Early October sees the premiere of Mike Flanagan’s fourth significant television series produced solely for Netflix. It comes after the previous year’s Midnight Mass and the two Haunting series. The television show is based on the young adult novel by Christopher Pike and centres on a group of five sick people who gather in a hospice at night to tell each other scary stories. In this new series, Mike Flanagan regulars Samantha Sloyan, Zach Gilford, Igby Rigney, Heather Langenkamp, Matt Biedel, and Annarah Cymone will appear among some newcomers.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow

The Curse of Bridge Hollow Netflix
  • Release Date: October 14th

Our next pick from the upcoming Netflix Halloween movies is The Curse of Bridge Hollow. The new movie from Marlon Wayans and Stranger Things star Priah Ferguson will be the Halloween comedy movie for 2022. A man and his daughter are compelled to work together to save their town after a mischievous and ancient spirit causes Halloween decorations to come to life and wreak havoc. The film, formerly known as Boo!, tells the story of a father and his daughter.

The School for Good and Evil

The School for Good and Evil
  • Release Date: October 21st

The School for Good and Evil, a new film by Paul Feig starring Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington, was originally scheduled for September but was postponed for the Halloween season. The title is one of the best upcoming Halloween movies.


  • Release Date: November 24th

The brand-new series 1899 from the makers of Netflix’s popular German series Dark debuted well after Halloween but is nonetheless noteworthy. This is what’s coming to Netflix on Halloween; don’t forget to give it a watch.

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Cabinet of Curiosities

The upcoming horror anthology series from Guillermo Del Toro’s mind is still shrouded in so much mystery. Beyond that, no one can be certain. We have a general notion of what some of the episodes will be about and who will star in them. The eight-part horror series will have some of the biggest names in the genre directing parts of the episodes, all of which Del Toro is working with.

Wednesday (Season 1)

Wednesday (Season 1) Netflix Halloween movies

A new family comedy series featuring Wednesday Addams shows the character at school attempting to perfect her talents and solve mysteries, years after her last appearance on our screens. Wednesday, one of the best upcoming Netflix Halloween movies, will be played by Jenna Ortega, although Christina Ricci, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzman, and Jamie McShane will also be returning to the series.

The Munsters

The Munsters Netflix Netflix Halloween movies

The Munsters will be brought back by Rob Zombie and will only be available on Netflix in the United States. Herman and Lily, who are on a “hauntingly hilarious odyssey” from Transylvania to Hollywood, are back in the new film. The Munsters has not yet been given a distribution date, but based on the success of other Universal 1440 films, it seems likely that it will arrive on September 27th, the same day as the VOD release.


Morbius Netflix Netflix Halloween movies

Is the movie Morbius a spooky one? Not much, but the fact that it mentions vampires makes it relevant enough for us to include it. Morbius, despite not receiving the highest reviews, has become an internet sensation and undoubtedly will cause a stir when it debuts on Netflix as part of the Sony Pictures first window deal in the United States. The title is one of the best Netflix Halloween movies.

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