Tropical Storm: Saturday before the storm will strengthen as it passes later in the day into the Gulf of Mexico, the tropic depression 19 is carrying heavy rain and rainbow winds into Florida. The watches for Florida’s western coast, including Tampa, Bradenton, Port Charlotte and Fort Myers, will be in place until Sunday. 2 to 4 inches of rain are forecast in these areas over the weekend.

Tropical Depression 19 is forecast to have been a tropical storm over the Gulf of Mexico today, according to the National Center for Hurricanes (NHC). The following name is Sally on the list.

The path is most likely to travel northwards and land between New Orleans and Panama City between late Monday or Tuesday; however, landfall will last till Wednesday if the route goes westwards or slows down.

“The depression is forecast to strengthen to a hurricane early next week as it moves across the northeastern Gulf of Mexico, and there is an increasing risk of life-threatening storm surge and dangerous hurricane-force winds from southeastern Louisiana to the Alabama coast,” the NHC says.

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The steering patterns break down as it enters the area on the Gulf coast and the system meanders towards the sea.

It would not make much of a difference in the rainfall if the meanderings are offshore before or onshore. In any event, major flooding is likely due to slow movement along the Gulf Coast.

Right now there are possibly widespread accumulations of rainfall between 4 and 6 inches. However, isolated areas on the coast may be able to receive more than a foot of rain.

Many of the storms have broken records since Cristobal was the first one named “C” and Hanna was the earliest letter storm in history, including the one called “H” Every storm (Arthur, Bertha and Dolly), except for three, sets records for the first storm for each post.

One of the many systems in the Atlantic is the channel that travels through Florida. At present the NHC is tracking six areas: two tropical storms, one tropical storm, and three tropical storms. The highlight of the hurricane season was Thursday.

Tropical Storm Paulette will today become a hurricane. It is anticipated that Paulette will travel to Bermuda as a category two storm early in the morning. For Bermuda, a hurricane warning is available in 48 hours under hurricane conditions. By Sunday afternoon, tropical storms will start affecting the Bermudas and hurricane conditions will start on Sunday evening.

A large low-pressure area southwest of the Cape Verde Islands are another monitoring system. In the next five days, this system will have a 90% chance of growth. In the next few days, the National Hurricane Center expects to develop a tropical depression. Just three names remain on the official list after Sally this year: Teddy, Vicky, and Wilfred. The NHC would use the Greek alphabet afterwards.

On Thursday, a La Niña warning was released in respect of La Niña conditions in the central and eastern Pacific. The national atmospheric and ocean government announced that La Niña conditions are present.

Much of the Pacific is marked by warmer waters in a traditional El Niño period, while La Niña has the same cooling of the Pacific waters. With hurricanes, La Niña weakens high winds that allow hot air to develop vertically and become hurricanes.

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