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How to Use iOS 14.5’s New Tracking Blocker App

Tracking Blocker App: These days privacy is in everybody’s conscience, and in iOS 14.5, which is beginning to roll out to the public today, there are new privacy enhancements that might make you happy but aren’t adorable Apple to other companies — especially Facebook.

How to Use iOS 14.5’s New Tracking Blocker App

App Tracking Transparency is the name of the new functionality. Many apps monitor not just your activities inside the app, but also your movements outside of it — in other words, where you go after you’ve exited the app. This is why you see advertisements for things you were only looking at on Amazon or other pages in Facebook and other applications.

Prior to iOS 14.5, you could disable tracking for all of your apps by going to Settings > Privacy > Tracking and disabling “Allow Apps to Request to Track.” The latest version of iOS enables you to be more precise. To begin, you won’t have to do anything when you install a new app; you’ll be questioned if you want the new app to monitor you automatically and here is what you will be served with the tracking blocker app.

iOS 14.5 Tracking Blocker App

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You may go to the same Tracking page to find which applications have asked for approval to monitor and potentially alter their tracking settings. You’ll be able to grant or withdraw permission there. As a result:

♦ Select Privacy > Tracking from your iPhone’s settings.

♦ You’ll see a list of unique apps that have asked for that permission underneath “Allow Apps to Request to Track.” For each individual app, you may grant or deny permission.

iOS 14.5

♦ You can also turn off authorization for all of your existing (and future) apps by using “Allow Apps to Request to Track.”

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