Top Wedding Makeup Looks For Your Special Day

It can be tricky to nail the ideal wedding makeup look for your special day too many designs, decisions, and trends in beauty can confuse your decision-making process. We’ve got you covered with a guide to the most stunning makeup looks available to any form of bride, making it easier to prepare your special day.

Top Wedding Makeup Looks For Your Special Day

Natural Wedding Makeup

On your special day the last thing you need is to think about your makeup and whether it stays on still new, and as flawless as when it was first applied. Natural makeup, concentrating on dewy skin and neutral eye shadows, is perfect for maintaining longevity all day. After a ceremonial smooch, a nude lip ensures no colorful smudging, and it won’t be obvious if you can’t touch up frequently. As it highlights your attributes, a natural bridal makeup look is also ideal, ensuring you are the best version of yourself on your special day.

Top Wedding Makeup Looks For Your Special Day

Classic Makeup look

For your big day a classic make-up look is a great choice, as it will be sleek, timeless, and will not go out of style. Go for basic eye makeup with velvety browns and, depending on your eye form, a clean-cut eyeliner to achieve this look. Try a medium brown eyeliner rather than a black one, paired with a rosy pink lipstick, to soften the look further. Keep the natural features enhanced and not disguised for a classic, all-day glamour. Do not overdo it on the bronzer either.

Top Wedding Makeup Looks For Your Special Day

Dramatic Makeup

Flawless, romantic wedding makeup can still be done and you can make a statement at the same time. Go for thick full lashes and eyeliner, paired with Smokey brown hues, for a more dramatic look. Run a pencil eyeliner in your waterline for bigger eyes to make your eyes pop, and stick with a fluid eyeliner with a flick to elongate the eye for smaller eyes. Opt for a nude lip in keeping with the dramatic theme, as a bold lip may be too much for your canvas. To finish, lightly dust the frame of your face with a bronzer to compliment the deep tones of your eye shadow.

Top Wedding Makeup Looks For Your Special Day

Stunning Makeup look for wedding

Holding it reasonably soft, but still feminine and flirty, is the secret to lovely wedding makeup. Your wedding dress will take a glamorous bridal look to the next stage playing up your features in the most flattering way. Keep your brows bushy and natural for a timeless hue, with golden eyes. Apply thick mascara coats on both the top and bottom, and don’t be afraid to use false eyelashes for the shorter lashed ladies. Use a copper eye pencil along the top lash line for extra depth for a gentle, sultry touch, and blend it out, so the line isn’t serious. For a smooth finish, make sure to match the lip and cheek shade to the shades in your eye shadow.

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Top Wedding Makeup Looks For Your Special Day

Makeup with Smokey Eye

Without it being too heavy or gloomy for your special day you can still achieve romantic smokey eye makeup. Go for a palette of charcoal grey, producing deeper colors in the eye’s outer corners, and lighter on the lid. If you’re not a big fan of ashy hues or just don’t suit your skin, opt instead for sultry plum shades, which means you can still achieve the Smokey trend. Finally finish with a nude lipstick with warm undertones to complement the colors.

Top Wedding Makeup Looks For Your Special Day

Makeup with Red Lips

Timeless and classic, the red lip has long been the makeup world’s favorite. In pulling off a beautiful wedding makeup look, this look is foolproof and if you’re someone who has a bold, modern style, then this is a great choice. Take into account your skin tone when selecting the right hue, and if you have cold or warm undertones, this will ensure you get the right color and thus the right makeup. In addition, go for a long-lasting formula, so all day long, your pout is sweet.

Top Wedding Makeup Looks For Your Special Day

Vintage Wedding Makeup

The dramatic winged liner and cherry lipstick all come to mind while dreaming of vintage beauty. Not to worry, without going over the top, you can still get beautiful retro vibes from your makeup. Keep it pure and basic for the skin leaving the bronzer for this one in the fridge? Alternatively, let the eyes be the focus, with a twisted liquid liner and bulky lashes. Finish the look with an apricot lip that is shiny.

Top Wedding Makeup Looks For Your Special Day

Bohemian Makeup

For your wedding day, Boho bridal makeup is the ultimate romantic look and it is so easy to achieve. Keep your skin natural and dewy, priming the skin with a bright and glowing skin illuminator for the foundation. In order to accentuate your features, highlight the high points of your face while adding some sparkle, and pastel rose lipstick to keep the makeup soft. Using similar colors to the flower arrangement for your eye shadow if you’re wearing a floral crown.

Top Wedding Makeup Looks For Your Special Day

Makeup for Beach Wedding

Everyone dreams of having a wedding on the beach, and you can now match your dream makeup. To get the ultimate beach babe look, think dewy, bronzed skin, combined with a cool-hued nude lip gloss. Using an illuminating primer to achieve a sunken complexion to prepare the skin. With champagne eye shadow on the lids, keep the brows bushy and natural. To complement, the shiny look is taken to the next level by a pop of highlighter on the cupid’s bow, inside corner of the eyes, and brow bone. To finish, work the bronzer in the form of number 3 along the frame of your face; along the hairline, through the cheekbone, and along the jawline.

Top Wedding Makeup Looks For Your Special Day

Winter Wedding

Winter is renowned for your skin drying out so make sure your skin is hydrated, prepared, and go to your base with a liquid or cream foundation. In addition, for the perfect winter hue, a bold lip for your wedding look will add even more glam-go for cherry, berry, and red wine shades. Keep the lids easy and not too dramatic, enabling the star of the show to be the lipstick.

Top Wedding Makeup Looks For Your Special Day

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