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Top 10 Best Podcast Apps for Android

As a key source of knowledge gathering in the age of the Internet, podcasts appear to be making a comeback. It’s a perfect way to listen to experts talk about the subjects that you care about, and finding great podcasts is pretty convenient. Plus, a lot of entertainment podcasts can be found where stories are related, jokes are shared, and there are even documentary podcasts that dig deep into particular subjects. For just about every matter you can think of, you can definitely locate a podcast. If you’re a podcast fan and are in the hunt for a new podcast app, here are the best Android podcast apps.


Anchor, in addition to being the best podcast app, is free to use. Most of the top podcast apps on this list are those that let you download your favorite podcasts or stream them. We figured at least one app must be included that lets you make them yourself. Anchor podcast app is a platform for podcasts which offers unlimited hosting. The app allows you to record audio, publish it in different locations, such as iTunes and Google Podcasts, and import audio for upload from other devices. With a business model, this is a neat concept that requires you to succeed so that both you and Anchor app can make money. However, the app and hosting are free, and this is not an ad or something, so if you wish to make your own podcast, give it a try yourself.


One of a handful of free podcast apps is Castbox. Castbox app boasts a set of over a million scrubbed podcasts from sites such as iTunes and many others. It is the best podcast app for android that support for 70 languages, language learning podcasts, Chromecast support, Amazon Echo support, and more are also included in the app. For multiple device support, it also requires cloud syncing. The free edition of Castbox podcast app comes with everything and does not have advertisements. Basically, in-App purchases are unnecessary. Castbox, one of the most popular podcast apps, is free/up to $1.99.


Doggcatcher app

One of the popular podcast apps is DoggCatcher. The app does, nevertheless, get regular updates. It has features for stuff like Android Wear, Android Auto, and Chromecast at the moment. It also has a large library of podcasts, support for playlists, variable speed playback, themes, and different functionalities for automation and modification. There is also Material Design in the app. You have to pay 2.99 dollars up front. There are no advertisements, nevertheless, and no extra in-app purchases. DoggCatcher, one of the best podcast apps, is priced at $2.99.

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts app

Google does what they did to their messaging range to their podcast selection. There are actually three separate channels for Google podcasts. Google Podcasts is the first. It’s a relatively consistent podcast app with speed controls for playback and the potential to skip periods of silence. Google Play Music is the new music streaming service for Google and it also has support for podcasts. Eventually, on YouTube, a majority of folks upload regular or weekly shows, podcasts, and similar content. The easiest choice is Google Podcasts and it’s free, so it’s the one that we suggest first. It had a challenging beginning, but now it works a lot smoother. Of the most popular podcast apps, Google Podcasts is absolutely free to use.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts app

On any app list, Pocket Casts used to be one of the simplest suggestions. It’s still an excellent podcast player, but it isn’t quite the straightforward suggestion that it used to be. The app has an outstanding UI, decent functionalities for discoverability, some features for power users, and even some characteristics for modification, such as themes. This was back in its day, a premium app. Nevertheless, since podcasts are normally free to listen to and this developer charges monthly, it went the subscription path a little while ago, so it’s hard to suggest to your normal podcast listener. If you live and breathe podcasts, Pocket Casts app is a fantastic deal, but those who just listen to the infrequent podcast will be better served each month with something that doesn’t involve money. Pocket Casts, one of the best podcast apps, is free / $0.99 per month / $9.99 per year.

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Podbean podcast app is a relatively popular podcast app and it functions very fine. It features a metric ton of podcasts divided into different classifications. As you like, you can subscribe, stream, download, and listen. Podbean app also comes with controls for the lock screen, various audio effects, facilitate for Chromecast, support for Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa integration. That implies that you can practically use it anywhere. A few Google Play reviewers had a few bones to choose from, but during our research, we didn’t find anything bad. It is one of the most popular podcast apps that priced at free / Up to $9.99.

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict app - Best Podcast Apps

Of the top free podcast apps is Podcast Addict. It includes a large library of podcasts, audiobooks, radio live streaming, and more. It also has YouTube and Twitch channel support. Variable playback speed, skip silence features, Chromecast support, and SONOS support are also included in Podcast Addict app. The UI appears just a bit outdated, but with loads of playlist, playback, and organizing features, it, one of the best podcast apps, works very well. The app is free, but it has ads as well. In the Google Play Store, if you wish to disable the advertisements, there is an additional $2.99 pro version.

Podcast Go

Podcast Go app

One of the best podcast apps is Podcast Go. It has the basic stuff including podcast episodes, adjustable speed replay, sleep timers, and more to download. In Material Design, it also has a marvelous layout. The app features over 300,000 podcasts available. You can search at your convenience or subscribe. It’s a pretty basic interaction, however. With advertisements, Podcast Go app is free. You will pay $2.99 for the advertisements to be disabled. If you use it, you can use it free of charge as part of a Google Play Pass subscription.


Spotify app

Spotify is one of the best and most popular podcast apps for streaming music of all time. In early 2016, Spotify app also began doing podcasts. Compared to anything like iTunes (which most other podcast applications use with their libraries), there are not a lot of available podcasts there, but we have little concern that the amount of available podcasts would skyrocket over time. As long as you don’t mind any audio adverts, you can download and use the service for free or you can fork out $9.99/month for the full, ad-free experience. If you already use Spotify podcast app, there will possibly be a stage where there will be a needless second podcast app.

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TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is among the top free podcast apps out there for radio. Much of its emphasis is on live talk radio. Nevertheless, podcasts, audio books, radio stations (both AM and FM), and even live sporting events are all part of the app. The podcast holders have to make accessible their podcasts for this one. TuneIn Radio app doesn’t do stuff like scrub iTunes for material in the podcast. It’s a very helpful podcast app, generally. Along with other characteristics, the premium subscription gives you exposure to live NFL, MLB, and other sports games. As a standalone podcast app, we do not suggest this. Those who want to listen to radio shows from other channels as well, nevertheless, may find this one to be the best podcast app for android.

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