This season, TV Networks to Use NFL Films Audio Curated from all Stadiums

For the past four years, NFL Films has obtained surround sound multi-channel recordings from every NFL stadium, and the sounds will be used on Sunday. Over the last few months, the sound blenders at NFL Films have been recording and cataloguing sounds for hundreds of hours at every NFL stadium they have saved in recent years for the broadcasting partners of the League.

This season, TV Networks to Use NFL Films Audio Curated from all Stadiums

For each broadcast, a special sound palette is created for each team in the game. The sounds are transmitted by an NFL-hired operator who follows the game and uses a button panel to control replay from custom software.

This season could include the “12th Man,” of the Seahawks, or the “Touchdown Cannons,” the Boom of the Buccaneers, or the “J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets!” singing of the Jets’ fans, at any moment!

Seahawks Will be in Atlanta for the Beginning of Sunday’s Season

The multiple sound tracks guarantee that the sound is real home crew noise for fans on TV.

Even if the Jaguars are the only home team with fans on their stands on Sunday, the viewers will receive sounds from other stadiums in their home country.


The first time that the Texan and Chiefs opened the season on Thursday afternoon in Kansas City, fans watched the coronavirus pandemic as part of this big American sports case.

The Chiefs allowed a crowd of 22% or 16,000 fans to attend the stadium. The fans have been distributed on all three stages.

The NFL implemented a ban on simulated crowd sounds earlier this month. At the time the Ligue will not enforce a blanket policy for closing all the stadiums to spectators, Commissioner Roger Goodell said, ‘We will welcome our spectators as long as teams comply with local and state medical guidelines.’

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