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Do you know there is a capital in the world that was made for millions of people but is empty now? Do you know there is a road that was built at a cost of 1.3 billion dollars but locals don’t like to travel on it? In this piece of construct we’re going to unfold the costly but useless projects. These projects took billions of dollars to be built but they never came to be used by anyone. Let’s now dive into the most useless megaprojects in the world.

Naypyidaw of Myanmar

Number one in the list of the most useless megaprojects in the world is Naypyidaw of Myanmar. The city was built as the new capital of Myanmar. It took a cost of 4 to 5 billion dollars but a very few people live in this city. Shopping malls and roads are deserted. Even if a lot of people travel to the airport, they are around a dozen. We will tell you the reason for this desolation, but before that, let us tell you why Myanmar changed its capital. Myanmar’s former military leadership secretly began construction of the new capital in 2002. Before that Yangon also called Rangon was capital. Transfer of capital is not a big deal. As you know Pakistan, Brazil and Egypt transferred their capital in past. Myanmar changed its capital city in November 2015. But its official name Naypyidaw was announced on March 27, 2006; which literally means the abode of kings

Naypyidaw of Myanmar useless megaprojects in the world

The reason for this sudden change of capital was not clear. Some believed that Myanmar’s military leadership was vulnerable to an attack from the sea. While some people also said that this transfer of the capital is being done on the advice of astrologers. Official explanation for moving the capital was that Yangon had become too crowded and overcrowded and there was little scope for future expansion of government offices. The population of this city is more than seven million and its population is expected to double by 2050. Therefore, the Myanmar government thought that it would be more appropriate to move the capital.

Also, the city of Yangon was established as a capital to benefit the British Navy during the British rule. But now it was more important for the Myanmar government to have the capital city in the center rather than on the coast. So this new project was built quickly and cost four to five billion dollars. A 20-lane highway was also built near this new city, more than a hundred luxury hotels were built. Golf courses and museums were also built. Also, a replica of Shwedagon Pagoda, a historical building in Yangon, was also built in this new capital. But still population here is very less people don’t like to live here. This new capital is home to less than a million citizens. Most of whom live in the suburbs that existed before the city, the capital, was built.

The question must be coming in your mind that why people do not want to live in this new capital. The reason behind this is unavailability of basic health facilities. There are no excellent hospital facilities, besides lack of quality educational institutions. So most of the population is reluctant to make the city a permanent home. So this city is often deserted, people also call it Ghost Town. You will be surprised to know that the twenty-lane highway remains practically empty. Sometimes, not a single vehicle is seen on the big road, let alone traffic congestion here.

In addition, the city has an airport that can accommodate more than three million passengers every year. But you will be surprised to know that only a dozen people use it on a very busy day. Furthermore, shopping malls are visited only by diplomatic staff on weekends, while hotel lobbies remain mostly empty. The city, one of the useless megaprojects in the world, may settle down in the future but at present it is one of the most failed infrastructure projects in the world. It is the strangest capital in the world, which is useless for most of the country’s population.

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Ciudad Real International Airport, Spain

Let’s tell you about an airport in the world that was built at a cost of one billion euros but closed after just three years. Then when the first bid to buy it was made, it was also only ten thousand euros. We’re talking about Spain’s Ciudad Real International Airport – one of the useless megaprojects in the world.

Ciudad Real International Airport, Spain useless megaprojects in the world

As you know, Spain is one of Europe’s main tourist destinations. Every year thousands of tourists go here for a vacation. Apart from this, dozens of international flights are coming and going at the airports here every day. A new airport was constructed to replace the existing main airport in Madrid, the capital of Spain. This newly built airport was Ciudad Real International Airport. The runway of this new airport was one of the five longest runways in Europe. And this airport could accommodate two million passengers every year. But with its construction, expansion plans were already underway to increase its capacity to 10 million a year. When it was completed in 2009, it cost about a billion Euros which was a reasonable amount considering the new modern airport.

But then it happened that only after three years this airport was closed. Because the company working on this project filed for bankruptcy in 2012. The main reason behind the bankruptcy of this company and the closure of the airport was its location. The place where it was built was not at all suitable for a central airport as it was built 200 kilometer away from Madrid. So the distance from the capital to the main city added to its problems. Most of the passengers were already tired from the long flight journey, so they did not like to travel long towards city. Due to the displeasure of passengers, all major international airlines have boycotted this airport, so it was to continue flight operations from the old airport located in the capital Madrid. As a result, the newly constructed airport was restricted to a small airline. Now, because no major airline was operating from here, a debt of three hundred and fifty million dollars was accumulated at this airport by 2012.

Ciudad Real International Airport, Spain (2)

And then, of course, it went into receivership, after which it was put up for auction in 2013. With an initial price tag of eight million euros when it was put up for auction in July 2015, Tzaneen International, a group of British and Asian investors, made the first bid of just ten thousand euros. However, the Commercial Court of Spain rejected the bid but that was also not successful. Then finally three years later the airport was sold in September 2018 for 56.2 million euros.

When the epidemic broke out in 2019, business life around the world was badly affected. But this lock down has given a new lifeline to this desolate airport. Such that the new management started using the airport as a storage for aircraft due to its dry climate, long runway and spaciousness. When there was a worldwide lockdown due to Corona, this airport provided storage facility to around eighty aircrafts. This new style of storage provided the airport with a much-needed business opportunity. Obviously, now that businesses are going their own way, the airport is deserted again. Thus, this mega project of billion dollars is completely useless for passengers. That’s why we count it among the useless megaprojects in the world.

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A Highway in Aloha, Hawai

In this list there is road built 50 million dollars per kilometers. It is the most expensive highway in the world on a per kilometer basis. But locals consider it useless and interestingly, a large number of locals have never traveled on this highway till date. We are talking about a beautiful highway in Aloha state, Hawai. It is bulit at a cost of 1.3 billion dollars. It was proposed in 1960. Because during this period America had some defense concerns. So to connect the US Navy base Pearl Harbor with the Marine Corps base, it was necessary to build a highway off the Interstate H1 highway, so H3 was proposed to be built and it was in 1960.

A Highway in Aloha, Hawai

And then it happened that even after the passage of two decades, its construction could not be started. One of the main reasons for this was the protest of environmentalists and local people. Because they were afraid that its construction would affect the natural beauty of the valleys here. Environmental laws and route changes to protect the surrounding valleys delayed the project indefinitely. This is why even after two decades work at this project could not be started.

Then came 1986 when, after 26 years, the US Congress exempted the project from environmental laws. Its construction started in 1987 and was completed in 1997. That is, 37 years after the proposal was presented in 1960, this highway was completed. In the high tech tunnels Transitional tunnel lighting, exhaust fans, emergency call box, cross passages, highway message signs, lane control devices, fire boxes, magnetic loop detectors, carbon dioxide detectors, smoke detectors, traffic signals, video cameras, footpath and weather stations are present. But obviously, this modern technology had to pay a high price. You can imagine that when it was proposed to build it, it was estimated up to 250 million dollars but when after 37 years it was completed its cost was five times more as it was completed in 1.3 billion dollars The sad thing is that despite being built on a huge budget, this beautiful highway is not in use of everyone because people don’t like to travel on this highway – one of the useless megaprojects in the world.

A Highway in Aloha, Hawai useless megaprojects in the world

Critics of this highway say that this highway was built keeping in mind the defense concerns of the 60s. Those concerns are no longer there, so what is the need for it today? Majority of locals say that they didn’t travel at this highway. They consider it bad because many religious and cultural sites were demolished during its completion. That’s why they don’t like to travel at this. As far as mega projects go, this is definitely one of the most useless megaprojects in the world. It was completed successfully, but it remain useless for locals.

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