The Most Popular Festivals in February 2022

The best world festivals might be an excellent approach to go to new places. You may experience local cultural practices in one area, connect with the people, and witness their take on festival fun if you attend a world festival. Let me expose you to some of the famous festivals in February around the world. So without more ado, let’s get started!

Sapporo Snow Festival, Japan

Sapporo Snow Festival, Japan

Duration: 5 to12 February

The Snow Festival in Sapporo is one of the largest in the world. Every year, millions of people go to Hokkaido’s capital to see the winter wonderlands set up in Odori Park, Susukino, and other locations throughout the city. The festival usually has a strong international flavour, with ice sculptors from all around the world competing in the International Snow Sculpture Contest.

Oruro Carnival, Bolivia

Oruro Carnival, Bolivia Festivals in February

Duration: 25 to 28 February

Carnaval de Oruro, Bolivia’s world-renowned carnival, features a cavalcade of parades, folk dancing, and live acts. In the 1700s, the celebrations began as a religious event. Because of the country’s predominantly Catholic population, the celebrations still have a religious component today. Before Lent, Oruro, one of the popular festivals in February around the world, begins with a liturgy honouring the Virgin of Candelaria. It’s so compelling, in fact, that it’s been designated as one of UNESCO’s Masterpieces of Humanity’s Oral and Intangible Heritage.

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Rio Carnival, Brazil

Rio Carnival, Brazil Festivals in February

Duration: February 25 to March 5

Is there a more well-known, exciting, and colourful carnival anywhere in the world? We would argue nay, and even go so far as to state that Rio de Janeiro’s pre-Lent festivities are unrivalled. In a word, you can expect flamboyant parades, fantastically loud music, and a spectrum of colours in the shape of costumes, decorations, and feathers when it comes to Brazil’s party atmosphere. Samba Schools compete and perform in a purpose-built Sambadrome, yet even a stadium can’t contain the thrill. It is one of the most important festivals in February 2022.

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Taiwan Lantern Festival, Taiwan

Taiwan Lantern Festival, Taiwan

Duration: 15 to 28 February

On the 15th day of the first lunar month, this holiday is observed. The 15th day is the first full moon night after the Lunar New Year, and it symbolises the end of the New Year celebrations.

Thousands of colourful lanterns should be set out for people to appreciate at the start of a new year, when there is a bright full moon hanging in the sky, according to Chinese tradition. People will try to solve the puzzles on the lanterns and consume rice balls at this time, bringing their entire families together in a cheerful mood.

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