Choosing a color of your car may feel like the cherry on top after all the difficult decisions associated with purchasing a new car. But what most individuals do not know is that a look into your subconscious can also be your option.

The drivers of today especially love white, as it has been the No. 1 paint range for years. Together, according to PPG Automotive Coatings’ 2015 survey, the palette of black, silver, gray and white makes up 75 percent of new cars on the road. Beige and red are less common at 8 percent each, followed tightly by 7 percent blue and a measly 1 percent green.

Some point to America’s craze for technology, thanking the silver attraction of our laptops and Apple for the white takeover. Others point to more classic colors having a great trade-in value.

The Color of Your Car Reflects Your Personality Car Color Trends

Brian Moody, executive editor of Auto-trader, says, “Unlike black, white or silver, bright colors or colors tied to current trends tend to look dated sooner. … That can sometimes lead to lower resale value as fewer used-car shoppers are looking for bright colors like orange and yellow.”

When Auto-list crunched the figures on 3.5 million vehicles, it also discovered that white is the most popular car color, but it searched deeper to find price differences between colors based on car styles and models. For example, it is found that red commands the best convertible price, while black gets the top dollar among pickups.

Kate Smith, president of Sensational Color, a color consultation company, states, “The colors we choose tell the world something about us, the color of our car we drive, the cell phone we carry and the home we live in all reveal something about our personality.”

Here, we have come up with fruitful insights to let you opt for the best car color for long term breaking down what each of the most consistently renowned car colors might unveil about the drivers. Scrolling down you are going to get insightful of different notion you must aware of, such as, car colors to avoid, car color trends, the safest car color and the car color psychology.

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White car color

Since the late 90s, white color of car has been a top pick, a time span often correlated with the success of Apple products. White provides the world with a refreshing face and reflects a new, elegant style.

Kate Smith says of those who choose white, “You can handle a million details and are often asked to take on more than is expected of others, others see you as diligent, hardworking and someone whom they can depend on.”


Black car color

Individuals who prefer black cars when it comes to favorite car colors, Smith says, want to represent trust and elegance, and often enjoy being in control. It can also mean a driver who is defined and solid – or at least desires to be viewed in that way.

Moody says, “The slick, shiny nature of well-executed black paint can lend a classy or upscale vibe even to less-expensive cars.”


Gray Color of Your Car

Owners who opt for gray as the best car color are comfortable but have a taste that is phenomenal. As per a 2014 survey by RepoKar Public Auto Auction, usually mature, dignified individuals, and never glamorous, are also peaceful individuals who cooperate easily. Gray is distinctly different from silver: less bright, more soothing.

“New ideas inspire you, but you are wise enough to know which ones are worth following and which ones aren’t,” Smith says. “You have a quiet strength that others find appealing.”


Silver Color of Your Car

Silver cars, identical to laptops and stainless steel kitchen appliances, have more of a polished shine than their gray relatives, suggesting these drivers who consider the silver as the favorite car color are adjusted to futuristic styling. As per many studies, silver lovers tend to be business-savvy, upbeat and enthusiastic individuals. And, joyfully for the busy lives of their owners, silver color of your car is top notch for camouflaging grime and scratches.

Brown and Beige

Brown and Beige

Pondering over what car color says about you, the next color is brown. As per, individuals who own a brown or beige car are usually down-to-earth. These owners, not to be enticed by bright colors or shiny devices, are easygoing and financially sound. They make reliability and convenience a priority.

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If you own a red car, smith states, you are possibly an individual with a magnet. “You love attention, which for you isn’t hard to get,” she says. “Your energetic personality attracts others, and your drive to achieve your goals makes them stick around because it motivates them to do the same.”

Red car owners approach challenges head on, but often they can be impatient and violent. Because of their hot-rod look, some people believe red cars draw more speeding tickets, but there is no hard evidence to confirm this.



With a blue car, you cannot go wrong, since it is the most common color in the world overall. On the part of what your car says about you, blue car owners are cool and relaxed, Smith says. Light-blue and medium-blue vehicle drivers are pleasant, trustworthy and reliable. The darker the blue gets, the more the driver seems to be optimistic and authoritative.

The best up-and-coming choice for resale value can also be blue. Jane Harrington, PPG’s color styling manager, says she assumes that blue will overtake white as one of the most common and the best car colors in the U.S., having seen it continuously pop up in recent car shows.

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