How to Use YouTube’s New Swipe Gesture: A Trick

It can be stressful attempting to get YouTube videos to full screen with the mini button in the UI if you use your smartphone in portrait mode all the way Fortunately, there’s a smarter method – Swipe Gesture, which involves using the app’s built-in gestures: simply swipe up on a video to fill it up, then swipe down to return to portrait mode.

We’ve written about this function before, but it appears to be easy to overlook; most of the people I’ve demonstrated it to were unaware that it existed.

How to Use YouTube’s New Swipe Gesture A Tricky Way

Swipe Gesture works on Android smartphones as well, which I prefer to having to use the OS’s built-in auto-rotate key. There is one clear drawback: it can only rotate in one direction. Unless you turn portrait lock off, you won’t be able to keep your smartphone with the left side facing up. Even, it’s preferable to having to press on the video once to bring up the UI settings, then squinting at the tiny full-screen button.

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All we have to do now is this functionality to be added to every other app (or for our phones to become smart enough to recognize that if I’m watching a video and switch my phone, I obviously want to watch it on full screen mode on YouTube, despite portrait lock).

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