Super Mario 3D AllStars: Nintendo is doing it big on “Super Mario Bros”‘ 35th anniversary. Mario has been not only the face of Nintendo for decades, but the general face of the age of gaming. Everyone knows which one is Mario. For decades the super powered plumber has been through several Nintendo consoles in our lives. So many memories He has given us.

Now Nintendo’s getting back some of those memories. They’ve unveiled their latest Super Mario 3D All-Stars pack to celebrate the Super Mario Bros. series on Thursday at a Nintendo Direct show.

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This is a series of games from previous Super Mario consoles. It includes Nintendo 64’s Super Mario 64, GameCube’s Super Mario Sunshine and Wii’s Super Mario Galaxy. On September 18 the pack hits the Turn.

Needless to say, Nintendo fans are incredibly excited about these classic games returning.

Yet they are very, very puzzled too. That’s because although the games will be published on the 18th, only for a limited time will they still be available. The amount of physical copies of the game in stock will be reduced.

Super Mario 3D AllStars: On top of that, the Nintendo eShop version will only be available for purchase until 31 March 2021. The game will vanish from the store after that, and will only be available for redownload.

Yeah, there’s plenty of time and ways to get to the game. But it’s so … curious how Nintendo rolls that out.

Fans had plenty to say. They are afraid the aftermarket will be scalped, but it doesn’t matter. People are going to still buy it anyway.

All we can do is hope it gets in the right hands.

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