How to Celebrate National Short Girl Appreciation Day?

Don’t run out of ways to honor the petite ladies in your life on December 21—National Short Girl Appreciation Day! Your feet won’t ever hang off the bed, there are health benefits to being a little vertically challenged, and they always create attractive shoes in smaller sizes, so you’ve won the genetic lottery, if you’re a short lady yourself. Shorty, enjoy your vacation!

National Short Girl Appreciation Day

History of Short Girl Appreciation Day

It’s not always fun to be short when the cups are on the highest shelf of the tallest cupboard. You’re always at the top of the human pyramid, though, isn’t that amazing? When was the last time you smacked your head against a door frame? National Short Girl Appreciation Day was created to honour the petite women in our life and perhaps assist them in snagging an impossibly high object. But in other times and places, being a “short girl” has meant different things! A 5’2″ lady nowadays could be thought of as being on the short side, yet in the 1700s, tiny entrances showed that she would have been quite normal! By today’s standards, even typical males from the 12th through the 16th centuries would be seen as short. The standard female height today is 5’4″. Worldwide, cities, highways, and buildings are only growing larger, but small women are keeping up!

Women today are often taller than our predecessors were even 100 years ago. However, at just under 5 feet, women in Indonesia, Bolivia, and the Philippines are on the shorter end of the global average! This demonstrates how location-dependent terms like “short” exist. Short ladies have a major influence. Kim Kardashian and cosmetics mogul Emilia Clarke (Mother of Dragons!) are both only 5’2″. Lady Gaga measures 5’1″, but Olympic gymnast sensation Simone Biles is barely 4’8″. These women demonstrate that being short does not limit your success, whether it is onstage, on the Olympic podium, or anyplace else.

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How to celebrate National Short Girl Appreciation Day?

  • Utilize social media! Post that photo of you and a basketball player, and be incredibly proud of your height! #shortgirlproblems. Send another short friend an article similar to ours—this is SO us!
  • Dolly Parton, Anna Kendrick, and Shakira, three of your favorite short female performers, don’t even reach 5’3″. When we need to be reminded that great artistic achievement doesn’t require a large frame, we don’t mind watching Pitch Perfect and listening to Jolene.
  • Help the lady in your life who struggles to reach the upper cabinets if you don’t. Walking more slowly is also appreciated, unless you’re attempting to make her run with those short legs.

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Fun facts about short girls

  • Small but Powerful! According to one study, those under 5’2″ have a lower risk of breaking their hip than people above 5’8″.
  • Being brief is not a burden. According to one study, people under the height of 5’0″ are substantially less likely to experience back pain.
  • Although experts are unsure of the exact cause, people under the height of 5’3″ have a 50% lower risk of having coronary heart disease than people beyond the height of 5’8.
  • Compared to taller persons, short people are less prone to experience heat stroke or just become too hot.
  • Numerous studies have revealed that shorter people have a higher likelihood of living longer than their taller counterparts.

Why we love Short Girl Appreciation Day?

Short women are gorgeous! Consider all the charismatic and beautiful superstars who fall short of the 5’3″ height requirement! Shakira, Anna Kendrick, Dolly Parton, and more performers come to mind as they fall in short female celebrities category. You’re therefore in excellent company. Who cares if you’re not a volleyball player or a 6’0″ model? Every blanket is long enough for you, you never bump into door frames, and you always stand at the top of the human pyramid trick. We enjoy occasions that serve as a gentle reminder that people of different heights and body types can complement one another. Being little has so many advantages! You always have adequate leg room, you can wear any heels you want, you always seem younger—the list goes on. Women who are short do not in any way receive the short end of the stick.

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National Short Girl Appreciation Day Dates

2022December 21Wednesday
2023December 21Thursday
2024December 21Saturday
2025December 21Sunday
2026December 21Monday

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