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Samsung Q950T Soundbar Review: Home Theater

Soundbar technology may not be attractive, however for items that try to fulfil the needs of your more critical cinephiles, there is always something to suggest. The new flagship Samsung Q950T makes a strong case for your interest by providing a platform that can accommodate just about any requirement a modern home theatre might ask for. To figure out if this should be the next upgrade to your home theatre system, read our complete Samsung Q950T Soundbar review.

Samsung Q950T Soundbar

Samsung Q950T Soundbar

The Samsung Q950T Soundbar is a 9.1.4 channel sound system that provides Samsung devices with the latest and best audio enhancement and software available. For starters, it has the most functionality of any Samsung Soundbar , such as support for voice assistant, satellite speakers and a sub, tap to attach, integration into the SmartThings hub, to name a few of the larger features.

The Soundbar itself is much thinner than its packaging would suggest, but this is mostly due to the hefty external subwoofer bundled with the device. The packaging contains two additional satellite speakers, intended to be positioned behind the listener if the Soundbar is being used as your home theater’s workhorse. Nevertheless, with these additional channels, you would need to have three additional free outlets ready, as the satellite speakers and sub each require electrical power to function.

How Does It Function?

How Does It Function

In brief, even if you plan to ignore the use of satellite speakers, the Samsung Q950T Soundbar functions very well. The addition of various sound modes helps the sound bar to customize your experience depending on the material you consume, so if you have suffered from lousy sound bars before, you should not be left high and dry. Sticking with the regular mode is sufficient enough for most individuals to forget about tinkering with the settings.

Undoubtedly, the use of the satellite speakers and the subwoofer demands optimum performance. There would not be enough channels without them to sustain the “surround sound” effect provided by Dolby Atmos, as these satellite speakers have half of the upward-firing elements inside as well. In addition, to add rumble to your cinematic stuff, the sub is crucial, so try your best to find a good home for it.

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What Can You Do With the Q950T Soundbar?

What Can You Do With the Q950T Soundbar

Meeting up the Samsung Q950T via HDMI eARC to a Samsung TV enables you to take complete advantage of a lot of very great services via the proprietary platform of the organization. For routine services, and particularly those that are somewhat newer for a home stereo to execute, the integrations provided by the SmartThings platform minimize a lot of discomfort. Not only can you unload all of the audio processing to the Soundbar, for instance, but when it is on, you can also handle the Q950T like a normal smart speaker.

If you’d like to listen to music via the sound bar, you can easily tap the Q950T on the side of the main unit to pick up the TV, and your phone will pick it up from there. The Soundbar can use the monitor as a visualizer if you are using a Samsung smart TV, while the Soundbar controls the playback for your tunes. You may also make it loop through photo files, or select a list of stock photos from a predetermined list.

What’s Under the Hood?

What’s Under the Hood

If you are gibberish about the “9.1.4 channel” thing, that simply implies that this Soundbar has nine separate speaker elements, with one subwoofer and four skyward channels (for Dolby Atmos, DTS: X). It is a lot of speakers, and it is nothing to sniff at to have that many channels in a Soundbar.

Although more channels = better” is not inherently accurate, it is super interesting what the Soundbar does with those channels. The multiple channels inside enable the Soundbar to do stuff like fire sound off the walls to maintain the effect of 3D space rather than just using two large speaker components to blast your ears. In essence, it is a surround sound device that discharges some of its work through the walls of the space it occupies.

However this monstrous subwoofer is the star of the show. A 28W speaker component and rear-oriented port are used by the huge side-firing unit to ensure that you can comfortably fill your room with as much bass and sub-bass as you want. We can confirm for its raw production, given the incredibly reasonable complaints from our neighbors at the workplace.

Who Should Consider It?

Who Should Consider It

This is intended for someone who buys other flagship devices in their home theatre, somebody with money to burn, since this is a flagship product. This Soundbar, of course, is not going to match with a high-end hi-fi device cobbled together with speaker wire lengths, high-performance speaker cabs, and an acceptable equipment stack. It is a great match for someone who has bought into the Samsung ecosystem, nevertheless and intends a smart device that can manage the audio conduit function for a main living area without taking up too much room.

For those who desire to start de-wiring their family room, the Samsung Q950T Soundbar is also a great pick, as it is a continuous annoyance to have to deal with covering lengths of speaker wire under your furniture and flooring. Although the need for extra outlets for the satellite speakers and the subwoofer, a sound bar like the Q950T that links its remote channels through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is not going to have as many slim cables underfoot.

The Samsung Q950T should also be kept on their radar by movie buffs searching for a Soundbar that can support various 3D sound standards. While it is not housed in one unit like the competitive Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar , through its multi-channel nature, the Q950T does a decent job of reflecting spatial audio.

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Should You Buy It?

Given that the Sennheiser Ambeo is the most reliable rival to the Samsung Q950T, I think anyone with the money to spend on this unit would be pleased with it. The price tag is high at $1,800, but you pay for a device with the Samsung SmartThings platform that works reasonably smoothly and has the audio chops to validate the premium.

There are several Soundbars on the market, nevertheless, and you can discover that price is a greater primary motivator than a smart platform. There are a range of Sony, Vizio and JBL options that are well worth your time, if that is the case. For instance, at the price of the high-end hardware provided by the Q950T, the JBL Bar 5.1 provides a far more accessible surround experience.

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