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The First Glance at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Samsung’s most current flagship tablet is the Galaxy Tab S7 (and its sibling, the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus). Nevertheless, those tablets were released in 2020, and no follow-up has been announced for 2021. Although it does not appear that Samsung will release a new flagship this year, we now know what to expect next year. Steve Hemmerstoffer (via Zouton), a reputable industry leaker, has just revealed some new renders of what appears to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.

The tablet follows Samsung’s model to a tee, which is to be anticipated. It doesn’t appear to be all that different from the Galaxy Tab S7, or even the Galaxy Tab S6 before it. Let’s have a look at the Galaxy Tab S8 leaked renders.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 leaked renders

The darker-colored portion on the tablet’s rear is almost certainly a magnetic plate for holding a S Pen pen. Historically, the stylus has been included with the tablet, and the Galaxy Tab S8 displayed above is no exception.

The First Glance at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 (2)-min

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On the part of the Galaxy Tab S8 release date, it is uncertain to be released this year by Samsung. Rather, it’s considerably more likely that it’ll debut in early 2022 alongside the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

The First Glance at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8-min

It’s also possible that Samsung will release it without holding an event, as it has done in the past with tablets.

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