There are reports that in the Justice League movie of Zack Snyder, which is coming to HBO Max, Ryan Reynolds may get to cameo as a Green Lantern.

Ryan Reynolds Rumoured To Be in Talks to Cameo as Green Lantern in the Justice League of Zack Snyder

You may not recall this, but Ryan Reynolds once played Green Lantern.
The Green Lantern film in which he appeared was horrible.

Without a shadow of a doubt it is one of the worst ever made comic book movies.
It was so bad, that Reynolds’ career nearly ended.

Honestly, to look at Reynolds’ comic book movies starred into before Deadpool, it is a wonder he is still alive.

He first played Deadpool in X-Men: Origins and the character was a bad version.
Nevertheless, according to the reports of We Got This Covered, in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Reynolds was able to appear as Green Lantern.

Ryan Reynolds may appear as a Green Lantern in the Justice League of Zack Snyder.

Ryan Reynolds Rumoured To Be in Talks to Cameo as Green Lantern in the Justice League of Zack Snyder
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The thought of seeing the Green Lantern version of Ryan Reynolds in the forthcoming new Justice League cut is a pretty exciting one.

We are already aware that Green Lantern will be involved in the film’s latest version.

The theory, however, seems to suggest that the Green Lantern film will be part of the DCEU officially.

To me that is such an odd thought.
That said, I would like to see Reynolds get the character a second chance.

“Now that I’ve heard it from a second source it seems word is indeed getting out and so I can confirm the #SnyderCut cameo I’ve been teasing is indeed Ryan Reynolds for #GreenLantern!! I’m hearing WB is working on putting the deal together now to make it official,” Randolph wrote.

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