Best Red Nail Designs You Must Try

A classic manicure choice is red nails. It’s a flexible look that can be tailored for a sophisticated case, an office day, or a romantic date night. You can play with the tones, top coat, nail design, or accessories, far from being bland and simple, to make your red nails stand out from the crowd. Here are some beautiful red nails designs that will really boost up your look. To discover the best ways to take your red nails to the next level, keep reading.

Best Red Nail Designs You Must Try

Ombre Nails in Red And Maroon

Combine the crimson hue with maroon in a subtle gradient for a new spin on the red nails. It looks sensual and passionate in the resulting ombré effect. It has a sleek feel and a polished finish, ideal for the cooler months. For all nail shapes, particularly square, stiletto, and coffin, Ombré nails also look great.

Best Red Nail Designs You Must Try

Nails in Red And Pastel

An uncommon color combination is red and pastel for your manicure. While keeping the rest of your nails inside the pink pastel family, consider adding a coral red feature nail. The pop of bold, saturated colour will attract attention and offer a striking and unexpected look to a simple manicure.

Best Red Nail Designs You Must Try

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Fun red Nail Designs

With a fun nail style, show off your quirky and artistic side. A social media-inspired manicure is one common alternative. A heart like Instagram or Facebook suits perfectly on each nail. You may also try various emojis, such as smiley faces or cute food such as tacos, candy, and ice-cream.

Best Red Nail Designs You Must Try

Red Matte Nails

With every finish, from satin to glitter and high-shine, red nails look fantastic. A matte top-coat, however, offers a modern twist to your scarlet manicure. A matte finish often brings a depth to the paint and, since it is rare, draws attention to your nails. You can also try a matte nail feature or an all-matte manicure with a glossy nail feature.

Best Red Nail Designs You Must Try

Red Metallic Nails

Metallic has been a big nail trend for years, and soon it won’t go out of style! The cool chrome look will make your manicure stand out and draw attention from the crowd. It is made using a powder ‘mirror’ or ‘chrome’ combined with your polish. You can achieve the foiled finish of metallic nails at home with the correct equipment.

Best Red Nail Designs You Must Try

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Pink and Red Nail Designs

Red and pink are a classic duo of colors. For the ultimate feminine and romantic manicure, the contrast between bold, passionate red, and pretty pink. Play up the girly feeling for a special day such as Valentine’s Day or your anniversary by incorporating sweet information such as hearts.

Best Red Nail Designs You Must Try

Red Nail designs with Cherries

A common pattern on clothes and nails is soft, juicy cherries. That’s because they’re vivid, they’re new, and they give every look a pop of red. For an adorable outcome that will remind you of long summer days, paint the famous double cherry on each nail. For additional ’90s style points, combine with classic French tips.

Best Red Nail Designs You Must Try

Red French Manicure

The traditional French manicure, a nude base with white tips, we are all familiar with. Swap the white for red to offer a fresh and cool upgrade to your French manicure. A sexy and elegant nail look that is as plain as it is trendy is the result. One of the most versatile choices is the red French manicure, ideal for the office or a night out. Try combining an almond, oval, or stiletto shape with it.

Best Red Nail Designs You Must Try

Pink Red Ombre Nails

Red to pink is a pretty and feminine take on the ombre manicure. Apply a white base coat to get the look at home, so that the colors on top pop. Then, to stamp on the red and pink polish, use a moist make-up sponge to ensure you get an even, blended gradient. Just apply a shiny top coat then, and you’re done!

Best Red Nail Designs You Must Try

Shades of Red

Why choose your favorite red nail polish? With a shades-of-red manicure, show off the full range. Your fingertips will look great, from cool-toned berry reds to hot orange-red hues and all in between. Since all the colors are in the same family of shades, you won’t need to worry about colliding with them. Instead, all the Reds will work together harmoniously.

Best Red Nail Designs You Must Try

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