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Krafton unveiled PUBG: New State in February, but it isn’t a substitute for PUBG: Mobile. It’s something entirely fresh that will coexist with the old game. Of course, given it’s a battle royale game, Fresh State will feature the same gameplay style, but it will also feature new graphics, content, and an anti-cheat system, as well as new locations set in the future. It was uncertain when PUBG: New State will be published until today, but thanks to a big update from Krafton (along with a lengthy media showcase film, which can be viewed after the break).

We now know it will be launched on November 11th across 200 countries. There will be a last playtest accessible in 28 countries from October 29th to October 30th, in preparation for the launch.

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The video above provides an overview of PUBG: New State, including its features, services, and anti-cheat system. It’s around 50 minutes long, and as it was filmed in Korea, it’s subtitled. There’s a lot of fluff and boasting in there, but there’s also some essential information that I’m sure fans will appreciate, like a renewed focus on content updates, balancing, and fan communication.

The PUBG New State release date is November 11th offering four unique maps, including Troi and Erangel. Weapon customization, as well as the addition of drones and a store to buy them, are all in the works. If you’re interested in seeing some alpha gameplay, I taped an hour of it in June. It’s a free-to-play game, so expect a lot of in-app purchases. Nonetheless, New State has gathered 50 million pre-registrations across Android and iOS, indicating that there are lots of interested players out there.

PUBG New State release date

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If you’re one of the impatient fans who are inclined to PUBG New State pre-register can get it on the Play Store listing to be notified when the game launches on November 11th. If you live in Asia or the Middle East, you’ll also be putting your hat in the ring to participate in the final technical test, which is scheduled for October 29th and 30th. So, if you’re not sure if you’re registered, click the Play Store widget below.

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