Project Power: New Netflix Film Project Power Tackles the Genre

In recent years, we’ve seen numerous superhero films – with Marvel and DC films dominating the world’s box office – but new Netflix film Project Power tackles the genre in a very different way.

Project Power: New Netflix Film Project Power Tackles the Genre

The film revolves around a new pill that can give the consumer super powers for five minutes when taken – and considering how many of those pills are taken during the film, we see plenty of different powers on show that have all been created from animal characteristics.

And the powers, of course, do not make those who use them invincible by any way – so there are real implications even for those fortunate enough to possess a force that does not instantly destroy them.

Read on to get a guide on the forces we see in the film.

The power of art

In a scene that sees Art and Robin discussing the pill, Art explains that he was one of the subjects originally tested for the pill and that he took it once but it had enormous repercussions so he never swore to indulge in it again.

Later we know that his strength is comparable to a pistol shrimp attack – the most powerful animal on the planet, which, according to Art, “hit you so quickly that it vaporizes the water around it, 800 degrees hotter than the sun’s surface.”

It goes on to say that “the shock waves tear the flesh straight off the bone, and when it’s all over it’s just Mr Shrimp sitting there, eating everything left.”

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We later see the power of Art in practice in a climatic moment – and it’s every bit as dramatic as the explanation above implies.


Invisibility is a power that we have seen many times before on-screen – which is a common answer when we ask what the ideal power of someone should be. A user who gets this power in the film doesn’t actually become completely invisible per se, instead they get the ability to camouflage themselves, which essentially comes to the same thing.



We also see Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) become bulletproof when he takes a pill and although this means he won’t be killed when fired at that doesn’t mean there’s no effect at all – he grows a hide thick enough to avoid a bullet to the head, but it leaves him temporarily unconscious and bruised.


Newt, a character we encounter early in the film, can turn himself into a human fireball – which leads to a pleasant sequence of early action. And as we find out this power often has tremendous consequences – it leaves him badly burnt and scarred.

Project Power: New Netflix Film Project Power Tackles the Genre

Where are the other powers?

There are several other forces that we also see in the film, but they are discussed in less detail, including elasticity, thermoregulation, super-strength, and super-speed – we see a newspaper article suggesting a man could run at 45MPH, outrunning a police car in that process.

On Friday 14 August Project Power launches on Netflix. Check out our list of the best Netflix TV shows and the best Netflix movies, or see what else is going on with our TV Guide

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