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The 7 Places on Earth Where the Sun Never Sets

In most parts of the world, the duration of days and nights are more or less the same on average. However, you will find it rather interesting that in some parts of the world, the sun doesn’t set for months. Similarly, it doesn’t rise for months either. Let’s travel through 7 places on earth where the sun never sets.


Finland Places on Earth Where the Sun Never Sets-

Finland, in Northern Europe, is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Its population is more than 5.5 million. And its size is almost 338 thousand square kilometers. The weather in Finland is very unique, with rather long winter as compared to summer. In southern parts of the country, the temperature stays below zero during winters. And on certain occasions, it may fall down to -30 C. However, in Northern Finland, one would expect the temperatures to go as low as -45 C.

During winters, the sun can disappear for up to 50 days or more. And people just want to feel the rays of sunlight on shine on themselves again. On the contrary, the sun doesn’t set for almost 73 days during summer. That’s probably the reason why people don’t sleep much during summers. Everyone wants to spend their time working or enjoying the sun. It’s an idea time to visit if you love to be in the sun. And also if you are a winter lover, you may visit Finland in January or February. Be it a continuous night for 51 days… or a day for straight 73 days at a stretch… it sounds really fascinating.

A quarter of Finland is a part of the Arctic Circle. The average summer temperatures here lie around 7 degree Celsius. It’s an ideal place for those who love skiing. Finland is not just the land of snow covered mountains but also known for its lakes and islands.


Russia Places on Earth Where the Sun Never Sets

In northern Russia, the sun shines for almost 2 months straight, during summer, from mid-May to mid-July. Nights during this phase are famously known as White Nights. On the other hand, the sun doesn’t rise in this region from 2nd December to 11th January. It’s like a prolonged night for about 40 days. In winters, the temperature of this region falls as low as -36 degrees centigrade.

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Norway Places on Earth Where the Sun Never Sets

Norway, one of the places on earth where the sun never sets, also known as the ‘Land of Midnight Sun’. That just means that one can find the shining sun in the sky even at midnight. As a matter of fact, the sun doesn’t set here for about 75 days from May till end of July. In fact, in the Svalbard the sun keep shining from 10th April to 23rd August.

However, the sun refrains from showing up during winter. This region is among the most populated ones in Europe. If you are visiting during summer, you are sure to find an abundance of wonderful scenery. You can travel and have fun all day in the summer sun without the fear of dark. Norway is considered to be the 8th most prosperous country in the world. You’ll find happy and welcoming people in Norway. Spanned across 385 thousand square kilometers, 5.4 million people live in Norway.

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The weather of Sweden, one of the places on earth where the sun never sets, is not much different from that of its neighboring countries. Summer in Sweden lasts for 6 months with a continuous presence of sun in the sky. People who want to enjoy long days may come and visit Sweden. Fishing and surfing are some of the most cherished activities here. From May to end of August, the sun rises just after a few hours of setting at midnight. The sun rises as early as 4 am.

Sweden has a quite unique weather. While the sun doesn’t set here during summer… it doesn’t show up throughout during winter. Sweden also lies close to the Arctic region near the North Pole. The capital Stockholm has almost 18 hours of sun during summer. And this squeezes to merely 6 hours in winter. Despite living in a country with such crazy weather, Sweden is ranked 6th among the most prosperous countries. It’s a country with a population of 10 million and a size of 450 thousand square kilometers.


Iceland Places on Earth Where the Sun Never Sets

It’s the largest European island after the UK. It’s such a clean and cold place that there are no mosquitos in Iceland at all. It’s named Iceland probably because of its cold weather. The sun doesn’t set here in June. Whereas during other summer months, the nights are more lively than anything. The clear skies keep twinkling with countless bright stars. If you love such beautiful nights, Iceland is the place to be. Although the weather throughout Iceland is almost the same, yet its southern parts are warmer than the northern ones.

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There’s also a region in the North American country of Canada, where they have drastic differences between day and night. The city of Nunavut has a really small population because of its unique weather. It’s among the least populated places in the world. There are only 3000 people living here. One can only get here using a boat or a ship.

Nunavut has 24 hours of uninterrupted sun for two months. That means… no night at all. On the contrary, the sun disappears for almost a month during winter. That means complete darkness in this city. Perhaps this strange weather is the reason why this Canadian city has almost nonexistent population.



Although geographically being a part of North America, Greenland is politically and administratively considered a part of Europe. They have 24 hours of sun during summer… whereas, they have 6 months of darkness during winter. In 1991, the lowest temperature in North Pole, -69.6 degrees Celsius was recorded. It has a size of 2.166 million square kilometers. But it has a population of only 56 thousand individuals. As mentioned earlier, Greenland is under the administrative control of Denmark.

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