‘Ozark’ Fans Need to Watch This Netflix Series ASAP

If the coronavirus epidemic has one bright spot, that’s more time to watch films and TV series from the providers you’re currently subscribing to. The film industry may have been on a long hiatus, and to account for the pandemic constraints, several releases were postponed. But streaming platforms have already managed to release a huge amount of original material by 2020, with Netflix (Ozark) comfortably surpassing everybody else.

‘Ozark’ Fans Need to Watch This Netflix Series ASAP.

Early in the pandemic, Netflix said that its 2020 timeline would not be affected, since much of the production had already been finished. A ton of originals were delivered by the company, such as a few brand new shows from foreign studios.

There’s one original Netflix that I’m going to add to my list of foreign Netflix creations, a show that’s Ozark’s French counterpart.

The Netflix original, Inhuman Resources or Dérapages in French, was released in mid-May. Based on your understanding of 2020, this seems either like a century ago or just a few weeks ago. Since then, I’ve had it on my radar, but I never got around to seeing it and kept delaying it. It might appear like a disincentive to start watching it because it’s in French. But I would encourage everybody to watch it in the original language, just like every other foreign original. The dubbed version, stripping these inventions of their charm, will sound wrong.

Inhuman Resources is only six episodes long, in line with what you would anticipate from a European original, a shorter series. That’s to imply, the series flies by, and when you reach the end, you can wish for more episodes.

In this analysis, I’m not going to ruin what occurs. The story falls into the same classification as Ozark and Breaking Bad, I’ll tell you. We have Alain Delambre (Eric Cantona), a family man who has hit the end of the line, and the only option he sees is to resort to crime.


For Delambre, even though a van is involved in the plot, or trafficking hundreds of millions of dollars from gangs, it isn’t making high-end meth in the back of a van. He’s a middle-aged former HR professional who was dismissed from his work and for a few years had to take menial jobs to get by. His whole life was changed by this turn of circumstances, straining his relationship with his wife and daughters. He strives to pay the bills at 57 and does not have any real expectations of moving back into his old line of work. That shifts one day when he is called to an interview for an HR position.

Delambre, short-listed for a high-paying job in a big French corporation, learns that he will be part of a fake hostage-taking scenario including some of the top execs of the organization. The CEO needs to decide under stress which one of his lieutenants can be believed, as that individual will have to undertake an extremely sensitive position in the sector. The execs don’t know what’s coming to them. But Delambre has a scheme of his own, hijacking for his own gain the circumstance of the hostage.

One feature of the exhibition that Ozark fans must consider is the presentation of Cantona. Soccer fans will know the name instantly. Eric Cantona is the popular French footballer who had a wonderful career at Manchester United in the mid-90s in England. He was wearing jersey number 7, which was to go to David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo later on. But he’s still known on the field for his fast temper. Cantona was engaged in an altercation including a spectator at one stage in his career in Manchester. The “kung-fu kick” got him a brief prison sentence and a sports ban. It concluded his career at the level of the French national squad, too. Ultimately, Cantona retired from soccer and went into acting.

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In his depiction of Alain Delambre in Inhuman Resources, this brief history of Cantona is significant. Like the central character, Cantona is now in his 50s. In his prime, he is no longer a good football player, just as his personality is no longer in his finest days. But in the film, the choleric conduct of Cantona on the field appears to really pay off. He becomes more frustrated and more aggressive as Delambre becomes more desperate, which seems to suit Cantona like a glove. Ozark fans will certainly enjoy this.

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