Oliver & Co. Retro Review: The Tales of Oliver Twist

Oliver & Co Retro In this innovative version of “Oliver Twist” called “Oliver and Company,” the Walt Disney Animation Studios takes on the renowned British author Charles Dickens. Oliver is an orphan cat who is adopted by Dodger, who is voiced by Billy Joel. Oliver becomes caught in the car while attempting to assist a robber in robbing a wealthy girl, and the girl takes him home to care for him. This results in a rescue, the thief understanding he can ransom Oliver, the girl turning up, the thief changing his mind, and a bigger crime boss taking the girl until Oliver, Dodger, and their buddies to save her.

Oliver & Co. Retro Review The Tales of Oliver Twist

It is the concluding movie of Disney’s Bronze Age of Animation. While it isn’t an awful way to finish an era of animation, it could have been better. The film was entertaining and featured music by Billy Joel and Bette Midler. Cheech Marin, who played Tito, provided some hilarious moments. However, following the fantastic “The Great Mouse Detective,” the picture feels like a letdown.

Oliver & Co. Retro

Because many of the films took on darker, more serious tones between Walt Disney’s death and the start of the Renaissance, the period is known as Disney’s Dark Age. While the picture begins with a lot of lightheartedness, it quickly becomes darker. And the themes of abandonment, kidnapping, and the villain’s death when his car is slammed by a train are all terrible themes in my opinion.

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The Bottom Line

Oliver & Co Retro was enjoyable, but not outstanding. It had some amazing moments, but Billy Joel, Bette Midler, and Cheech Marin carried the majority of them. It’s far superior to “The Black Cauldron,” but it’s no match for “The Great Mouse Detective.” It’s a film that falls somewhere in the middle, which isn’t always a negative thing.

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