Mississippi Flag: Former Ole Miss guard Blake Hinson said the Confederate emblem on Mississippi’s state flag played a part in his Iowa State transfer decision.

“It was time to leave Ole Miss,” Hinson told the News-Journal in Daytona Beach (Florida). “I am proud to no longer represent that flag and not associate with anything that represents the Confederacy.”

After national demonstrations against racial inequality, Mississippi is on the brink of modifying the state flag to remove the Confederate battle symbol.

Ole Miss basketball coach Kermit Davis was one of a contingent of 46 coaches and administrators from eight public universities who went to the state legislature to lobby for the removal of the emblem Thursday.

Legislators are expected to begin voting Sunday in order to remove the current flag from state legislation. A committee will create a new flag which cannot have the emblem of the Confederate, and which must include the words “In God We Trust.”

The SEC and NCAA both announced last week that once the state flag is changed, NCAA postseason events will not be held in Mississippi. Conference USA, which is a part of Southern Miss, made a similar statement Monday.

Hinson, who averaged 10.1 points and 4.6 rebounds per game last season, will join a Cyclones team that will also bring Jalen Coleman-Lands to the NBA draft as a graduate transfer but missed potential lottery pick Tyrese Haliburton.

“I felt like it was the best choice for me,” Hinson told the Cyclones newspaper about his decision to join. “There was no real science going into it. I looked into the schools and the style of play, and I felt I fit best in the environment in Iowa State.”

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