All the new iOS 15 features that Apple missed to unveil at WWDC

When Apple began its WWDC keynote last week with some exciting new iOS 15 features such as FaceTime capabilities, I believed the firm would reserve the best for last, as it had in previous years. And, given how fantastic the FaceTime enhancements were, I assumed the rest of the presentation would be as thrilling and full of surprises.

new iOS 15 features

But, as it turns out, I was completely incorrect. In comparison to previous years’ keynotes, the WWDC 2021 keynote was incredibly dull. That isn’t to argue that iOS 15 is going to be a stinker of a release. Developers, on the other hand, have discovered a slew of cool best iOS 15 features that Apple didn’t get around to discussing during its keynote address last week. To put it another way, iOS 15 is a much more appealing update than you may imagine.

Given the foregoing, we’ve produced a list of some of the coolest new iOS 15 features that Apple neglected to identify last week, so let’s get started.

Better Text Selection

With iOS 15, the magnification loupe for text cursor selection has returned. You’ll be able to “select exactly the text you want with an enhanced cursor that magnifies the text you’re looking at,” according to Apple.

Apple Maps New Scheduling Options

This piece has been overdue for a long time, but better late than never. Users will be able to access travel instructions in Apple Maps on iOS 15 by choosing when they want to leave and when they want to arrive.

Security Upgrades without Updating

Since new iOS releases might be buggy, some individuals wait weeks or even months to upgrade their operating system. While this may keep things operating smoothly, it has historically meant that customers have been unable to apply critical security upgrades. Users will be able to update security updates independently with iOS 15.

Adjust Photo Time and Dates

Sorting images can be annoying at times, especially if your device thinks an old photo is new, which can happen when importing photos in some cases. You’ll be able to selectively change the date and time of any photo in your photo collection using the new iOS 15 features.

On-Device Dictation No Longer Has a Time Limit

The new iOS 15 features now allow users to dictate texts indefinitely. On-device dictations were limited to 60 seconds in iOS 15.

Rain Push Alerts

The iOS 15 now supports push notifications, one of the best iOS15 features, for when it’s about to rain, snow, or hail.

Drag and Drop Between Apps

Drag and drop between apps is now available on the iPhone, bringing a standard desktop capability to the iPhone. You may drag an image from the Photos app right into the Mail app, as shown in the instance below.

Temporarily Enhanced iCloud Storage When Backing up the Device

“Now when you buy a new device you can use ‌iCloud‌ Backup to move your data to your new device, even if you’re low on storage. ‌iCloud‌ will grant you as much storage as you need to complete a temporary backup, free of charge, for up to three weeks. This allows you to get all your apps, data, and settings onto your device automatically,” Apple states.

iOS 15 features: How the new Live Text feature works

Separation Alerts

“If you leave a device, AirTag, or compatible third-party item behind, your iPhone will alert you with notifications, and Find My will give you directions to your item,” Apple notes.

Locate your iPhone Even If it’s been Erased

“The Find My network and Activation Lock can locate your device even after it has been erased. To help ensure that nobody is tricked into purchasing your device, the Hello screen will clearly show that your device is locked, locatable, and still yours,” Apple notes.

Create a Legacy Contact

If you don’t have a legacy contact, you’ll need to avoid being morbid, the unpleasant reality is that if a loved one dies and their iPhone is locked, accessing it may be difficult. People can name a “Legacy Contact” that will be able to “access your account and personal information in the event of your death.”

For Mobile Safari, Pull To Refresh the Feature

Pull to refresh the feature for mobile Safari is another one of the iOS 15 new features. It’s not a game-changer, but it’s a good start.

Facetime Mute Notifications

If you’re trying to talk on FaceTime and the mute option is mistakenly turned on, you’ll get a warning with instructions on how to unmute yourself.

Enhanced Spotlight

With iOS 15, you may use the Lock Screen and Notification Center to launch Spotlight search.

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