Top 5 New Android Apps You must Have

Here are our selection of the latest Android apps and live wallpapers that have either gone live in the Play Store or have been discovered by us in the last three weeks. Today, I’m using a Wacom note app, a free and easy brainstorming app, and a language study app that allows you to chat with native speakers. So, without further ado, here are all of the new and new Android apps that have been released in the last three weeks on the Google Play Store.

Brainstorm: Creativity Trainer

Brainstorm Creativity Trainer

There are many various brainstorming apps available on the Play Store, similar to note apps, making it difficult to choose one, especially if you’re seeking for something fresh. This week, Brainstorm: Creativity Trainer – one of the best Android apps 2021, was released on the Google Play Store for free. It also looks terrific, with a user-friendly design that is easy to read. So, if you’re searching for a simple way to toss about a few ideas in a visible form without breaking the bank, Brainstorm: Creativity Trainer, one of the new Android apps, is well worth a look this week.

Wacom Notes

Wacom Notes

There are a lot of best note apps on the Play Store, but how many of them are officially from Wacom? If you’re a Wacom fan, Wacom Notes might be right up your alley. This Chromebook-compatible app is designed for taking handwritten notes. I put the software to the test to see if it can recognise handwriting and convert it to written text. It works beautifully even with my chicken scratch, albeit an Inkspace Plus subscription is necessary.

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Language Exchange (HeyPal)

Language Exchange New Android Apps

HeyPal among the new Android apps, is a language learning app that connects you with random speakers of a wide range of languages so you can learn with hands-on experience from someone who is fluent in your target language. HeyPal refers to this as a language exchange, and it’s a combination of social networking and a community of people who want to teach and learn. The programme includes a translation function, and those who teach can interact with their students to form communities of like-minded people.



JioMeet, one of the latest Android apps, is a video conferencing app that enables free video conferencing for up to 100 people. You get HD audio and video, and you can attend an unlimited number of sessions every day. Screen sharing and password-protected meetings are also provided. I’m not sure how JioMeet pays for this, but for the time being, their video conferencing programme is completely free to use, which is fantastic for us, the users.

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SyncUP Kids

SyncUP Kids New Android Apps

It’s all the rage to stay connected to your kids while also making sure they don’t view anything you don’t want them to see on the internet. Parents who have children who fly in helicopters must be overjoyed. As a result, T-Mobile has released a new software that includes a number of useful features for keeping track of your child’s T-Mobile phone. Not only can you use this software to limit who your child can text or call, but you can also monitor all calls and messages by snooping through the phone’s contact list. Best of all, T-Mobile has made the app gamified in order to reward children who are compliant. The app undoubtedly among the latest best Android apps.

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