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Netflix is testing a weird new feature: Netflix Audio Only Mode

Netflix Audio Only Mode: Have you ever begun streaming a Netflix film and stopped paying focus instantly? You may have seen the episode before, you needed something in the background when you were doing chores, or you’re going to bed, and you just like nodding to The Office sounds. But whatever situation, to enjoy stuff on Netflix, we don’t always need video to play, and a new update might allow us to turn the video off entirely.

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Back in October, XDA Developers plunged into the new version of Android’s Netflix app and found a few strings of code that alluded to an “audio mode” quite explicitly, however at the time the feature was not actually available. About two months later, version 7.84.1 of the app is accessible and some Netflix users with Android devices are able to take full benefit of the functionality for the first time.

If you happen to be interested in the server-side test, when you begin a show or film on your phone, you should see a ‘Video Off’ button at the top of the video player. The video will be filled with a black screen if you press the button, but the audio will keep playing with all the playback functions still intact.

Netflix Audio-Only mode
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A new “Audio Only” option is also unfolded in the Video & Audio Playback section of app settings: “Listen to shows & movies while using other apps or when your screen is locked,” the description of the new feature explains in the Android app. “Enjoy your favorites, and use less data, with video turned off.”

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Netflix Audio Only Mode feature is still to be formally revealed by Netflix, and as with prior testing features, we have no indication when or if it will ever roll out to all, however its fate will likely be determined by the responses of testers.

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