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Tips for Wearing Neckties Correctly


In the suiting world of men, there are an ample amount of distinct necktie colors, patterns, shapes and knot types to opt from. Getting aware of notion how to coordinate the form of knot to your shirt collar and to choose the appropriate from an array of neckties is, undoubtedly, an art. Getting insights regarding which tie goes with what outfit boost up your confidence. Let’s shed some light on the guidelines you must take into account while you are to wear a particular type of neckties for the occasion and the suit.

Patterned Neckties

While pondering over the color and pattern of your tie, you are supposed to consider your shirt first and then the suit you are inclined to wear. A bright-colored necktie will always be accentuated with a dark navy/charcoal suit and crisp white shirt. On the part of patterned neckties, pattern layering can be a good idea only when the patterns displayed on your neckties and shirt complement each other.

Skinny Neckties

A suit skillfully-tailored with a slender near-to-body cut is heightened very well by a skinny sort necktie. To appear more sharp and polished, finish up the look with a necktie.

Formal occasions

The classic bow tie is at all times called by the Black-necktie affairs; particularly when you are wearing a tuxedo. A three-piece suit clothing with a flawlessly tied tie of appropriate length and color is accepted for semi-formal affairs, however.

Tie Knots

According to the shirt, you must opt for your knot type. A triangular-shaped knot will look sophisticated with a widespread collar. With an Italian silk necktie, this sort of knot will appear nice. Corresponding with a longer extension and a slimmer knot a straight-point collar shirt will be a good and sophisticated notion. Wearing a longish and small knot the gentleman with a lean and tall physic looks nice. Those with stockier and thicker neck are supposed to pick out the more proportionate and wider tie width.

Things you must avoid while wearing a tie

Things you must avoid while wearing a tie

While you are inclined to wear any type of neckties, there are particular things you must take into account; to avoid any sort of pitfalls consider the following tips:

Avoid stained or wrinkled neckties

Regardless how sophisticated and nice the outfit appears, if you wear a necktie which is stained and wrinkled you would look unkempt. Develop a habit of washing your neckties and using clothesline or a chair for the purpose of drying. In addition, to avoid superfluous wrinkling, store the neckties appropriately on a tie rack.

A necktie which is too short

Near the middle of the belt buckle your necktie should be ended. To accommodate your height you should buy a longer length necktie if you are a taller guy; this will, for sure, make you appear well-adjusted.

Avoid the wrong width in a tie

Opting for the appropriate necktie is the key here. Skinny neckties are attributed as trendy and GQ. But wait a minute! These sort of ties do not go well with everyone. The gentlemen with under six feet tall with a lean-to-medium build.

Keeping in mind the various factors and measures will, certainly, be fruitful for enlightening and polishing your look and bring some sort of sophistication in your personality attending distinct occasions and events. An image is given below for further elaboration.

ties chart how to wear a tie

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