Learn Benefits of eating Potatoes on National Potato Day

August 19 is National Potato Day, so if you enjoy potatoes, this one’s for you! Never before celebrated this tasty tot? Good news: We have the inside scoop on how to handle things correctly, along with links and statistics that will help you go from couch potato to party animal. It’s about time we acknowledged this adaptable and appetizing dish that has been a staple for ages. Potatoes are a wonderful and convenient method to receive iron, potassium, and vitamin C. They may be eaten with nearly every meal or even as a meal when they are mashed, smashed, chipped, or covered in cheese. There are puns built right in! Now stop us from giving you the full scoop on what makes National Potato Day so…spudtacular by going ahead and fry.

Learn Benefits of eating Potatoes on National Potato Day

National Potato Day

Nutrition of potatoes

A multipurpose root vegetable, potatoes are a common household staple. They are a type of underground tuber that develops on the Solanum tuberosum plant’s roots. Potatoes are abundant in nutrients, generally inexpensive, and simple to farm. Here are the facts about nutrition of potatoes for your health and diet.

  • Calories in potato: 265
  • Protein in potato: 6 g
  • Fat in potato: 0 g
  • Carbohydrates in potato: 61 g
  • Fiber in potato: 4 g
  • Sugar in potato: 5 g

How to celebrate National Potato Day?

  • Are you aware that there are more than 4000 different types of potatoes? It is real! Choose your favorite or a variety because potatoes are so delicious and simple to prepare that you can’t go wrong! Try it this August 19; being right is a lovely way to celebrate anything else.
  • There are several yummy potato recipes on the Internet (and presumably your grandmother as well) for cooking potatoes, and there is no incorrect way to do it. Discover for yourself why this hot potato is such a hot item by picking a favorite, chopping away, and learning. Don’t forget to make it a celebration by inviting some friends! After all, this is a party.
  • Try to find out the best way to eat potatoes. Eating, whether it be creamy and buttery or crispy and salty, is the finest way to finish this day. Moreover, we enjoy potatoes in any form, including baked into bread. The greatest way to honor these delicious potatoes on their special day, in our opinion, is to eat tons of them.
  • Investigate benefits of eating potatoes on the Nation Potato Day.

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Why we like National Potato Day?

For a reason, potatoes are a mainstay. Because they are simple to cultivate, delicious, and relatively cheap to produce and purchase, potatoes have been a staple in meals all across the world whether they are served as hash browns or potato salad, hot or cold. You can embark on a gastronomic journey with your dependable potato by your side because potatoes are used in almost every cuisine. The ideal snack is potato chips. The populace has spoken. We wholeheartedly concur that potato chips are the most delectable snack. The potato chip is the best party food, as well. Simply pour them into a bowl to start the party! You’ll never run out of methods to enjoy your favorite spuds with your buds because chips come in a variety of flavors all the time. Some chip-chip-hoorays are in order for that!

American farmers grow potatoes. In all 50 states, potatoes are cultivated! It is only fitting that there be a national holiday dedicated to the crop that can feed the entire nation. Pick up a bag, decide on a recipe, and feast with friends if you agree with us that this starchy, vitamin-rich vegetable is everything and a bag of chips.

Facts about potatoes

  • There are about 100 calories in potato of 8-ounce, either baked or boiled.
  • There is more potassium in a potato than a banana, more fiber than an apple, and more vitamin C than an orange.
  • The first time “French fries” were served in America was by Thomas Jefferson at a White House supper.
  • The potato was the first vegetable to be cultivated in space in October 1995. The technique was developed by NASA and the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with the intention of feeding astronauts on lengthy space missions and, eventually, future space colonies.
  • Globally, China is the top producer of potatoes. The United States, India, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and China are also among the top producers and exporters of potatoes worldwide. The tuber crop is grown in all 50 of the US states, with Idaho and Washington producing the most of it.

Health Benefits of Potatoes: How to Eat Potatoes?

When is the Potato Day?

2022 August 19Friday
2023 August 19Saturday
2024 August 19Monday
2025 August 19Tuesday
2026 August 19Wednesday

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