Most Beautiful And Lovely Summer Wedding Dresses

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for most of us and a day that’s going to be truly memorable, so it just needs to be great. If you are planning a wedding in the summer, then you need to know what kind of SUMMER WEDDING dresses best for you and how to dress for it.

Most Beautiful And Lovely Summer Wedding Dresses

Vintage Wedding in Summer

Are you a typical bride who believes she was born in the wrong century? Then you need a retro wedding, and there are many pros to choosing this path. Second, you want to create a simple and affordable wedding, but with a handful of embellishments and beautiful antique decor.

Luxury doesn’t have to be costly, and if you’re having a retro wedding, you’re probably already aware of that. At the craft markets, consider treasure hunting and let the creative juices run in the months leading up to your wedding, so the special day is anything but ordinary.

Most Beautiful And Lovely Summer Wedding Dresses

Dresses for a vintage Summer Wedding

Look for an elegant dress or shop for vintage gowns influenced by vintage. Be inspired by the styles of the 50s and early 60s that featured barely noticeable sweetheart neckline under the lace, or frills and cinched waist of the 80s.

Choose something lined with lace, pearls or crystals and finished with delicate cap sleeves, or you can choose a voluminous ruffle dress, but be sure to pay careful attention to the fabrics-you want something elegant but glamorous to complement the wedding.

Most Beautiful And Lovely Summer Wedding Dresses

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses For Bridal In All Styles

Country Wedding

Lovers of nature, this is about you. Not only is a wedding beautifully beautiful in nature, but since Mother Nature offers such an outstanding backdrop to work with, you can also save a lot of money on decorating costs. Everything you need, et voila, is to add a few basic touches.

If you want a national wedding or a wedding in the woods, another potential gain is that you can save on the expense of the venue.  Especially if you’re choosing to have the wedding in a public place in which case you have the freedom to select any date. Plus, there’s a real fairy tale element to this type of wedding.

Most Beautiful And Lovely Summer Wedding Dresses

Summer Country Wedding Dresses

Typically, a country wedding in a barn or the woods is the ideal compromise of traditional and casual attire-you want to dress in a way that is appropriate for your setting and you need to take into consideration the type of floor your wedding venue would have for this. It makes more sense to pick a gown that falls around your knees or shorter if you have a barn floor, or anywhere where your dress can get snagged.

Most Beautiful And Lovely Summer Wedding Dresses

Summer Wedding on the Beach

On one of the most potentially exciting days of your life, the pros of a romantic beach wedding are that it helps you to be happy and relaxed. Another significant advantage of choosing a beach wedding is that you will be able to minimize expenses and decorations, since the venue appears to be far more informal and laidback. Plus, the ocean is the ideal backdrop and early on you get to start the honeymoon!

Most Beautiful And Lovely Summer Wedding Dresses

Most Beautiful And Lovely Summer Wedding Dresses

Stunning Black Wedding Dresses For Modern Look

Dresses for a Summer Beach Wedding

The most casual of them all is a beach wedding, but that does not mean you should not look breathtakingly stunning. It is recommended that you go for something plain when choosing the ideal wedding dress, with a simple silhouette like a romantic floaty pleated chiffon gown or a scoop neck gown.

Alternatively, you can pick something short and fuss-free to escape the sand, such as a crepe dress with ruffles or a short dress with pure overlay. When it comes to shoes, aim to keep it as low as possible and avoid stilettos (and possible disasters in the sand), instead of choosing wedges, embellished flats or going barefoot.

Most Beautiful And Lovely Summer Wedding Dresses

The Traditional Wedding Summer

Do you dream of cutting a huge wedding cake with all your loved ones surrounded by it? Enjoying toasts and speeches at a place of your preference and indulging in a three-course meal? Then, the way to go is a typical wedding.

There are other reasons for going the conventional route if you are religious or have significant connections to your hometown and have a wide guest list. It’s a wonderful time to connect with family and friends and an opportunity to express your love in front of everyone you meet.

Most Beautiful And Lovely Summer Wedding Dresses

Dresses for a traditional summer wedding

The rules of dressing remain the same as with any formal event for a traditional summer wedding, which will normally be held indoors. You want to dress in something elegant and timeless, and if you choose simple silhouettes and traditional cuts, it helps to accomplish this. A floor length gown is always a great choice.

Test out a draped lace column gown or romantic one-shoulder gown for the modern bride. The wonderful thing about traditional weddings is that you’ve got so much flexibility. Complete the look with a simple bouquet and a short veil.

Most Beautiful And Lovely Summer Wedding Dresses

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