The Puzzler Moncage is Now Available on Android

Optillusion is a brand-new indie firm that recently launched its debut game, and it’s a monster. Moncage is the name of the game, and it’s an absolutely stunning puzzler with a unique mechanism. Because the entire game takes place inside a rotating cube, each side features distinct visuals. You’ll spin this cube to line up the perspective of the cube’s picture in order to solve the game’s challenges. What is the goal? To collect images of precisely synchronized imagery that reveal the game’s tale. Moncage is an interactive optical illusion puzzle game that not only looks great but also has a lot of fun gameplay that’s suited for playing on a touchscreen.

Check out the trailer above to get a better understanding of how Moncage works. When you can see, each side of the cube has different artwork, but as you rotate the cube, some of these images will line up. Your mission is to connect and collect these imagery. It’s a simple setup that anyone can pick up fast, making this a great release for both youngsters and adults. That isn’t to suggest the game is simple; collecting all of the game’s photographs is difficult. If you get stuck, there are hints accessible, and if that isn’t enough, you can even unlock optional video walkthroughs.

Android 12 Gets PlayStation Controller Support

There are no commercials or in-app purchases in Moncage, which is a $4.99 premium release. Although controllers aren’t supported, a controller isn’t required because this is a game built on touch controls. Because the game involves rotating a virtual cube in the middle of the screen, it may be played on a Chromebook or tablet with a touchscreen.

The Puzzler Moncage is Now Available on Android

Optillusion’s Moncage is a fantastic indie game. The game looks great, the touch controls are perfect, and solving the puzzles gives you a sense of satisfaction that few other mobile games can match. While mobile games have a poor reputation, there are still some jewels to be found, and Moncage is unquestionably one of them. So, if you’re searching for a fun and tough way to spend the time, get a copy of Moncage from the Play Store widget below.

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