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Microsoft is Testing an Exciting New Way to Navigate Windows 10

Following the 2021 upgrades, navigating Windows 10 could be even simpler if one of the updates that Microsoft is developing makes it past the beta stage. A mouse and keyboard are the best way to navigate a Windows desktop. A new Windows UI that would react to our touch was brought to us by the dawn of touchscreen displays. The next move is something which in previous years wasn’t actually usable, as the technology wasn’t properly formed. That is voice control, which allows the interaction to be operated by an advanced voice engine.

Microsoft is testing an exciting new way to navigate Windows 10-

To let you connect with apps and files, Microsoft will soon add a “voice launcher” to Windows 10. The new voice launcher, wherever it could show up in the user interface, will also control the search box.

Microsoft began testing an updated version of the software keyboard which contains a new emoji picker and the new “Windows Voice Typing” functionality, as per Windows Latest. It is this function that has been introduced to the File Explorer, Settings app, and Start menu search boxes.

Windows 10 2021 upgrades-

The functionality will automatically pop up anywhere with a Windows Search API text field. The functionality is available through a “Win + H” Windows Narrator shortcut. The “Voice typing launcher” also comes with a handy function called “Auto punctuation” if enabled, which can be enabled and disabled as required.

Several languages for different regions, which include English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese, will be provided by the voice launcher.

Microsoft can gather user data to strengthen its algorithms, as with other voice-based applications. Users can opt out of the interaction with any voice-based assistants, microphones, and other accessories, which is possibly the safest thing to do. On the other side, before those devices completely comprehend speech, tone, and nuance, the voice-controlled machine interface we see in the films would not be feasible. The learning curve would include evaluating speech samples from individuals prepared to share with enterprises such as Microsoft.

Windows Voice Typing-

“Your everyday use of voice typing could make Microsoft’s online speech tech more accurate for everyone who speaks your language. If you decide to contribute your voice clips, some of these clips will be reviewed by Microsoft employees and vendors,” Microsoft states.

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That said, there’s no way to say if the voice search function will be introduced next year or later to Windows 10. But if Microsoft’s tests are accurate, the feature will be available after the October 2021 Update on Windows 10 devices.

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