Michelle Obama marks the 59th birthday of Barack Obama, with a short message. The former first lady shared an old family vacation photo on Tuesday with daughters Sasha, 19, and Malia, 22, to social media to celebrate the big day for her husband.

“Perfect birthday for my favourite,” she wrote. “All nice days, blue skies and new experiences to come,” adding a kissing emoji to her birthday post at the end of the day.

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Many celebrities including “Rosemary’s Baby” actress Mia Farrow and “Ozark” actor Kevin Johnson shared their good wishes, while former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg wished a happy birthday to a man who “continues to remind America what it feels like to be real presidential leaders.”

On Wednesday, the Obamas recently appeared together on the latest Spotify podcast by the “Becoming” founder, “The Michelle Obama Podcast.” The former president was the first guest of the podcast and he spoke about his dreams for the futures of his children.

“What would be better than anything is that they are living in a world that loves everybody and looks after everybody, welcomes and sees everybody,” he said. “Because we know if we’re not around but those girls are in such a society, they ‘re going to be all right.”

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“When in doubt, rely on hope,” Michelle Obama added, but also shared her fears about the future.

“The only thing that worries me … I hear too many youths questioning whether voting is worth it, whether politics is worth it,” she said.

Barack Obama agreed: “This generation is in danger of being so profoundly cynical in government. Not realizing that all policy is us, collectively, taking joint decisions.”

The latest show promises to have open and intimate discussions focused on a range of subjects related to women’s wellness, marriage and mentoring benefits. The series of nine episodes will have several guests, including talk-show host Conan O’Brien and Valerie Jarrett, business woman and former senior Barack Obama adviser.

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