Marquise Goodwin has Opted out of 2020 Season Due to COVID Issues

Owing to coronavirus issues, Eagles’ wide receiver Marquise Goodwin has opted out of the 2020 season.  For Goodwin, family is a top priority. His partner, Emily, in February had a baby girl who had suffered several miscarriages.

Marquise Goodwin has Opted out of 2020 Season Due to COVID Issues

He has clarified his decision in an Instagram post to opt out:


“WHY I’M OPTING OUT FROM THE 2020 NFL SEASON By Marquise Goodwin – husband, father, son, brother, football player @nfl . Before I get into the specifics, hear me out.

It’s really a blessing and privilege to be able to play football, a game that I enjoy so much and that has been privileged to play since I was 9. The NFL company provides numerous opportunities for my family and I that wouldn’t have provided themselves in other sectors. Traveling to several States several times a year and playing on foreign soil abroad has helped me to develop an appreciation for various cultures and a broader perspective of the world. The NFL Football organization has helped me to build a forum that I have always dreamed of and that helps me to meet many people at different stages of life.

Marquise Goodwin: I made a decision three years ago which has influenced my whole life. After prematurely giving birth to our first baby boy (due to defective cervix), I chose to leave my wife in the hospital to play on a football game. I felt like I needed to prove myself committed to winning to my coaches and new team and I wouldn’t let anything deter me from the target, not even my family.

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Our lives took yet another horrific turn in the same month, the same week, the following year. My wife called me shortly after we landed and arrived at our team hotel in Tampa , Florida to tell me that she had intense contractions, and my grandma (who came up to help take care of Morgan when I was going to work and away games) had to rush her to the emergency room. There we are in the same situation again as a year ago, but this time I was almost 3,000 miles away. Anxiety weighed heavily on me because I had to decide again-will I choose to play a game again like anybody can expect me to play, or will I go home and tend to my wife? I told our GM team after a lot of prayer and reflection that I really had to fly back to take care of my mom, in an effort to respect my wedding vowels that I made to her, myself and God. He and the company 49, as well as my teammates, completely backed the decision that took off my shoulders a massive weight. Unfortunately, we ended up losing our twin boys, making it 3 angel babies I had to keep and watch as their little heart beats grew weaker and weaker by the minute before they stopped. My dream of being a father once again took a huge blow and it hurt deeply.

I was still supposed to win at the gridiron after those defeats. Soon, I started losing my passion for playing the game, as all I could think of was my wife at home. She didn’t have a pregnant belly, no one to cling to, no shoulder to sob on, no one to chat to while I get love from everyone at work. Some may not understand because they didn’t have to deal with this issue. It left me weak and I had no idea how to cope with our babies’ loss. My game decreased, I began to play less, get hurt, lose weight, and I wasn’t the same lively soul as I was while at the football facility. I was crazy because I thought I was supposed to be at home helping my best friend conquer this tragedy and I could be MARQUISE GOODWIN my first season on the field in San Francisco, but better.

Marquise Goodwin has Opted out of 2020 Season Due to COVID Issues
Glenn Erby

Continuing into February 2019, our lives have changed for the better, as we were eventually fortunate to bring home our first living child (rainbow child). SHE is why I opt out for this season. I feel compelled to make the right choice after choosing football several times, by actually putting my family first. The NFL is known to introduce health procedures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and other professional sports leagues. Despite of my selfish decision-making I would not take the opportunity to suffer another defeat. I know that the NFL is seeking to introduce safety procedures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other major sports leagues, but because of my selfish decision-making, I can’t afford another loss. This is not something for which I am able to work, and I have decided to opt out of playing during the NFL season for 2020. I have to defend my family and this is the only way I can do it. I would ask you all to honor my decision, and I hope you will all stay safe through these tough times. My prayers go out to all the medical professionals who put their lives at risk in order to try to keep us safe to create a vaccine.

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I tell all of you to my new fans in Philadelphia that it’ll be worth the wait to see me in Eagles green. Run, Run, Eagles!

In April the Eagles acquired Marquise Goodwin from the San Francisco 49ers in need of more pace at the receiver spot. He was part of Philadelphia’s “road squad” and recruited draft picks and fellow burners Jalen Reagor, John Hightower and Quez Watkins this offseason.

The rookies will now need to take up some of the slack, because the Eagles have opted not to actively pursue free agent wide receiver upgrades.

We do have a returning stable DeSean Jackson. Jackson, 33, from an abdominal injury, appeared in just three games last season. And Alshon Jeffery continues to rebound from an injury to Lisfranc.

“He is doing exceptionally well,” said Jeffery coach Doug Pederson. “He’s going to keep training and get himself ready. I’m not putting timetables on players, so when he’s ready, he ‘s ready, and he’s going to be back out there with us on the field.”

If Jeffery is not available the Eagles will possibly lean heavier on second-year player JJ Arcega-Whiteside. Greg Ward is in line to get the slot to play time.

Marquise Goodwin, 29, played with the Buffalo Bills for his first four years, before joining the Niners in 2017. His first year as a pro in San Francisco has been his best as he caught 56 balls for 962 yards.

He appeared in nine games last season struggling with knee and foot problems, and had 12 catches for 186 yards.

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