Maria Taylor has done all for ESPN – she is a college-covered and pro sports individual and interviewer, delivering insightful feedback and interviewing John Calipari memorably well. She has done it all. On Monday evening, as a Sideline Reporter in Giants and Steelers, she participated in the first Monday Night Football double-header series, which covered the first NFL series.

As mentioned by Awful Announcing, Dan McNeil, host of the 670 The Score in Chicago, tweeted and deleted Taylor’s outfit that she worn during the game, asking for her outfit, a totally misogynist and sexist remark, if she were “hosted” to an adult entertainment award show.

“Wear A Mask” is the Message for Millennials by Paul Rudd

Maria Taylor returned to him and called him out as he sent a message: “Take the double header of NBA Countdown that I will host tomorrow night and bring with you your bigotry. You should wear whatever you are happy in, hey girls, remember!

Maria Taylor received so much Twitter support for her debut in the NFL:

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