The Lucid Air Luxury Lucid Sedan, which starts at a price of less than $80,000, has been unveiled by Lucid Motors. Lucid Air can reach quarter miles of times at a constant, recurring pace of 9.9 seconds with up to 1080 guests available in a dual-engine all-wheel drive architecture. It is the only electric sedan that can hit a time of less than 10 seconds for a quarter-mile. Lucid Air has an available extended range that reaches an effective EPA range in a single charge of up to 517 miles.

Initially in North America, the Lucid Air is available in quatre models:

The air is the start of the line-up available from $80,000 in 2022 ($72,500 after the federal tax credit in the United States).

Air Traveling, well fitted, is available by the end of 2021, for 95,000 dollars (87,500 dollars after US federal tax credit).

Completely built, $139,000 ($131,500 after the USA federal tax credit), available from Air Grand Touring at mid-2021.

The Air Dream Edition, which is all inclusive, is limited in volume and is available at $169.000 in spring 2021.

Additional variants of the Lucid Air and latest Lucid models with the following information on currently scheduled Lucid Air models will be shared in future:

The Air Touring and Air Grand Touring models, which have 620 and 800hp respectively, are at the core of the Lucid Air range. Back to the recently reported average EPA rating of 517 miles, the Air Grand Touring will be offered.

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Customers around the USA, Canada and select countries in Europe and the Middle East are generally free to make reservations. Inspired people can reserve Vivid Air with a refundable deposit of US$ 1,000 or with a US$ 7,500 refundable deposit from the Limited Production Dream Version.

The luxury sedan will also be opened in North America by the end of 2021, via the 20 Vivid Studios and Service Centers. Dates of distribution, pricing and sales and service centers are confirmed at a later date for Europe and the Middle East.

Lucid Motors draws on 10 years of experience in developing its in-house lightweight 113 kWh extended battery pack and over 20 million miles of real-world research. Lucid’s proven battery technology is further improved by its unique battery management system (BMS), clever cell packaging and the highest world energy efficiency during the world’s leading electric racing championship.

When linked to a DC fast charging network, Lucid Air can charge up to 20 kilometers per minute. For owners who charge Coherent Air on the road under real-life circumstances, they can pay 300 miles within 20 minutes.

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