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How to View Location History in Google Maps

Location History is a Google account feature that preserves information about all the sites you visit and the paths you take to get there and enable you to view location history in Google Maps. It operates on any Android or iOS device that is signed into your Google account and has Location History enabled.

How to View Location History in Google Maps

The data acquired by Location History can be viewed in Google Maps, both on the Maps website and in the Google Maps app for Android and iOS. When you look at your Location History in Google Maps, you’ll be surprised at how much information Google has on the areas you’ve been. Even if you disable the feature, Google keeps track of your previous journeys until you instruct it to delete it. We’ll show you how to look through your Location History, remove activity data you don’t really want Google to keep, and prohibit Google from following you in the future.

How to View Location History in Google Maps: Mobile App

♦ On your Android or iOS smartphone, open the Google Maps app. Select Your Timeline by tapping your profile image or letter in the top-right corner. This will provide a list of all the places you’ve visited.


♦ The Google Maps app has a lot more choices than the website for accessing your Location History.

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♦ Places can also be tapped to see places organized by category, such as Shopping, Hotels, Food and Drink, Attractions, and Airports.


♦ Again, tap your profile image and select “Your data in Maps.” By selecting “See and delete activity,” you can switch Location History on and off, as well as examine and erase details of your actions.

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♦ Before removing your Location History, Google Maps allows you to preserve it. To open Google Takeout, tap “Download your Maps data.”

Choose the data you really want download, then tap Next to specify how you want it delivered: by email, Google Drive, or another cloud storage service. You’ll get a zip file comprising your Location History if you tap “Create export,” which you can store and study at your convenience.

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How to View Location History in Google Maps: Desktop Browser

♦ In your browser, just go to Google Maps website and click the three-line Menu button in the top-left corner. If you don’t see this button, enlarge the side panel by clicking the arrow.


♦ While Location History was activated on your phone, Google Maps will now display a map showing all the areas you’ve gone. There are two methods to look through this data.


♦ To begin, use the Timeline feature in the top-left corner to examine your Location History.

To show the sites you visited during that time period on the main map, use the drop-down menus to select a year and month, or a single day.

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♦ The second approach is to find through your Location History by location. To see how many sites you’ve visited, click the rectangular red box in the bottom-left corner.

This will bring up a horizontal window with a list of all those locations, which you can filter to only show your “Most visited.” To see where you’ve been, use the slider at the bottom of the page.

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♦ When you move your cursor over a spot on the map, a pin will appear to identify its location. To view the date you were last there, click the place and select “Last visit in timeline.” You can also check how you got there from your stored Home address by clicking the place and selecting “Last visit in timeline.”

Select “Place details” to see more data about that location, including its address, contact information, and website, as well as driving directions.

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♦ Click the Manage Location History option to halt — or “pause” — Google Maps from saving details of where you can go. Move the Location History slider to Off when the Activity Controls page opens.

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♦ You can set Google to remove your Location History after a certain amount of time. On the Activity Controls screen, select “Auto-delete” to have location data automatically deleted after three, 18, or 36 months.


♦ You can also remove your whole Location History right now. In the bottom-right corner of the main map, select the trash icon.


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