LG Rollable Phone is Real and It’s coming this year

We reported latest announcements from LG, Samsung, Sony & more at this year’s virtual CES yesterday featuring the most thrilling devices, but there were lots of other devices that just skipped. At the beginning and end of LG’s CES 2021 press conference, one of those devices showed up, and while the Korean tech firm gave no indication of it during the conference, we have since heard that the LG Rollable phone will launch in 2021.

LG booked its press conference with a sneak glance at a new smartphone which can extend its display not by flipping open, but by sliding out. You can see at 2:07 and 28:27 in the video below:


Many publications hypothesized without any justification from LG that this was just a hint at a concept of LG Rollable phone that could turn into a real product at some stage in the far future, but on Tuesday, when LG verified to Japan’s Nikkei Asia that the LG rollable phone is an actual one, they were proved wrong and it will be released this year.

LG spokesman Ken Hong told, “Our management wanted to show that it is a real product, as there were many rumors around the rollable phone as it is released at CES 2021, I can tell that it will be launched this year.”

LG Rollable Phone is Real and It’s coming this year

It is also noted that a company insider with information of LG’s plans reports that the company is collaborating with BOE Technology Group in China to manufacture the rollable displays that will come installed on the handset, beyond obtaining formal verification of the phone’s existence from the manufacturer of the device.

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It is said that the rollable display is “based on flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology,” and while BOE has been building OLED panels for Huawei phones, the workload of the producer is reported to have decreased considerably after Huawei was banned by the US. In reality, if the phone ends up selling well, this relationship could end up being advantageous to both BOE and LG, as LG’s mobile division posted an operational loss in the third quarter of 148.4 billion won ($135 million). Perhaps the broader audience will find a more extraordinary mobile device.

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