iPhone 14 leaks: iPhone 14 will have under-display Touch ID

Although the iPhone 13 has yet to be revealed, we are already hearing interesting iPhone 14 leaks or rumors that should spark enthusiasts’ interest. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 names relate to the undisclosed iPhone models from 2021 and 2022, which may have other commercial names when they arrive. According to current predictions, Apple will skip 13 and instead call the 2020 model the iPhone 12s, before moving on to something new in 2022.

iPhone 14 leaks iPhone 14 will have under-display Touch ID

We already have grounds to get excited about the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 independent of what names Apple picks for its forthcoming phones.

The iPhone 13 series will have the same design and layout as the iPhone 12 series: a 5.4-inch iPhone 13 small, a 6.1-inch iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, and a 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max. They’ll have a narrower notch than previous iPhones and a couple important camera improvements over the iPhone 12 series. The iPhone 13 Pro variants will have 120Hz OLED panels, and all four handsets will be larger than their predecessors in terms of battery capacity. At least, that’s what all the iPhone 13 rumours claim.

Apple is expected to make a major change to its iPhone portfolio in 2022, when a 6.7-inch model would replace the tiny version, according to Kuo – iPhone 14 leaks. The so-called iPhone 14 Max, which will retail for roughly $900, will be the cheapest 6.7-inch iPhone Apple has ever produced. Here’s an excerpt from Kuo’s note, courtesy of 9to5Mac:

We reiterate our previous key specifications forecast for 2H22 iPhone models, namely that Apple will launch two high-end iPhones (6.1″ and 6.7″) and two low- end iPhones (6.1″ and 6.7″) in 2H22.

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When it comes to cost, Apple’s iPhone 11 and 12 models have all been remarkably competitive, outselling their Android counterparts by large percentages. Nonetheless, Apple’s largest iPhone model is usually the most expensive handset in the company’s portfolio. A 6.7-inch iPhone that costs less than $900 would be a big success for Apple. That’s $200 less than the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s starting price.

On paper, the iPhone 12 small appears to be an exciting idea, a compact flagship that is just as capable as the iPhone 12, but it hasn’t sold as well as its siblings. Most purchasers may desire larger screens, and the 5.4-inch screen may not be sufficient.

Aside from the size adjustment and pricing policy, Kuo also mentions a few significant features for the iPhone 14 that are worth noting. Under-display fingerprint capability should be available in 2022 handsets, with Apple leveraging its own technology to bring Touch ID back to the iPhone. Since Apple replaced Touch ID with Face ID, many people have been aching for this feature.

Furthermore, the iPhone 14 Pro models will get a 48-megapixel wide camera improvement, according to the leaker. On the part of iPhone 14 leaks, Kuo does not clarify whether Touch ID will be added to Facial ID or will take the place of 3D face recognition. Face ID is still the more advanced and secure option over fingerprint sensors.

Additionally, Kuo stated a few months ago that the Face ID components of the iPhone 15 series, which is slated to ship in 2023, will be put beneath the screen.

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