iPhone 13 leaks add up to lot of upgrades except one

A few weeks back we saw multiple iPhone 13 leaks that outlined the next-generation iPhone’s modifications. The iPhone 13 will be available in four different colors, similar to the iPhone 12, and they will all have the same basic design. The phone will have a smaller notch and a larger camera bump on the rear, with the camera module having a noticeable change on the iPhone 13 models, which will have two instead of three cameras. The same concept story was told by leaked schematics, 3D-printed mockups, and a picture of what seemed to be a real-life iPhone 13 mini prototype.

A recent news piece appears to back up previous rumors, detailing the dimensions of the new iPhone 13 phones as well as the new camera modules. As a result, this appears to hint at a few exciting changes for the iPhone 13 that Apple fans will enjoy as well as one major improvement that they might not.

MacRumors received schematics from a source “that has experienced forecasting Apple’s design plans,” which display the rumored size changes coming to the latest iPhone 13 models.

According to the iPhone 13 leaks, all four versions would be somewhat thicker than their predecessors, which could be a turnoff for some. The thickness will increase from 7.4mm to 7.57mm in comparison to the new iPhone 12 models. That’s a 0.17mm rise in total, which may not be visible right away. It may, nevertheless, be sufficient to make iPhone 12 cases pointless, as they may not be aligned with the latest designs. That’s right… All of your current iPhone 12 cases will be rendered useless if you plan to update this year.

iPhone 13 leaks add up to a lot of upgrades except one

Previous leaks revealed the same size shifts as the ones depicted above. The height and width of the iPhone 13 models will be the same as their counterparts, with just the thickness shifting.

Nevertheless, the extra thickness could be used to increase the phone’s battery power, which is an exciting feature. Previous iPhone 13 leaks suggested that it would have a larger battery. The Pro models will also have 120Hz displays, which will use more energy than 60Hz OLED panels. To compensate for the increased power consumption, larger batteries will be needed.

According to the MacRumors statement, the iPhone 13 camera bumps will be thicker than before, but the new iPhones’ overall thickness should help with that. If the phone is thicker overall, the camera protrusion could be less noticeable. According to the iPhone 13 leaks, the protrusion will be most visible on the iPhone 13 Pro.

As per this new report, the total size of the camera module would change. “The ‌iPhone 12‌ and 12 Pro have camera bumps that measures in at around 28mm by 30mm, while the ‌iPhone 13‌ will have a camera bump that’s closer to square at around 29mm by 29mm, with the bump also located about a millimeter closer to the top of the iPhone,” according to the report. This corresponds to recent rumors that the camera module will be broader.

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According to sources, all iPhone 13 models will get the same sensor-shift optical image stabilization technology that is currently only available on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Since the sensor-shift camera is significantly larger than the other cameras, the overall size increase could be explained. According to this new article, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will have similar camera bumps, implying that they will have similar camera features. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, like the iPhone 12 Pro last year, had a slightly improved camera configuration.

iPhone 13 leaks

According to previous iPhone 13 leaks, the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 will receive an unexpected rear camera upgrade. The two back lenses will be positioned diagonally. However, the render used by MacRumors shows that the two cameras will remain vertically positioned, as seen above. Another thing that is different in the MacRumors article is the physical button positioning. According to the report, the buttons could be slightly lower than on the iPhone 12. According to previous schematics, the volume buttons and mute switch on iPhone 13 will be slightly higher.

For the time being, there’s no way of confirming all of these disclosures, and schematics could still be incorrect. As far as iPhone 13 release date is concerned, it is expected to be released in mid-September this year, as planned.

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